Photos for 2023

We resume our pix pages after over two years of almost no live performances and no photo opportunities in the course of the pandemic.

As before, here are more snapshots of recent performances, taken as we find an opportunity. These smaller shots link to denser, uncropped originals.

Brilliant and versatile fiddler Mark O’Connor appeared with his wife and musical partner Maggie O’Connor on March 25.

The duo of Misner & Smith—Sam Misner and Megan Smith—led off our newly relauched folk festival on March 4. They do an original mix of pointed and heartfelt songs.

Expressive singer-songwriter Deidre McCalla followed.

The Pam and Jeri Show closed out the festival. Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones are a spirited duo who are graduates of the noted band Blame Sally and other efforts.