Photos for 2002

Here are some images from some recent live performances. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.

Guitarist and producer Gerry O’Beirne, from County Clare, was around on December 7. Gerry O'Beirne
Shira Kammen Shira Kammen and Pamela Swan together focus on Celtic themes. They appeared on November 23. Pamela Swan
The dynamic duo of Darol Anger and Mike Marshall also appeared on November 23. Darol Anger and Mike Marshall
World Harmony Chorus
The World Harmony Chorus, a local community chorus, took part in our on-air folk festival on June 8.
Richard Shindell Richard Shindell, author of many great songs, appeared on May 4.
American Fiddle Ensemble
The American Fiddle Ensemble, live guests on February 16. They are Darol Anger, Brittany Haas, Rushad Eggleston, and Scott Nygaard.