Photos for 2005

Here are some images from some recent live performances. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.


Local band Greenbridge, from December 17. From left to right, Tim Hart, guest Ami Molinelli, Tom Wagner, Michael Mullen.

Si Kahn Anderson, Sonia, Kahn

Si Kahn alone, and then Eric Anderson, SONiA, and Si Kahn together, from December 3.

Sylvia Herold and her band Euphonia, in live on October 22. They are Chuck Ervin, Sylvia, Paul Kotapish, and Charlie Hancock.

The late Judy Frankel, great Sephardic singer from San Francisco, was our guest on July 30.

Geoff Muldaur, musician from way back, appeared on July 9.

Local vocal supergroup In Harmony’s Way appeared on July 2. Sylvia Herold appears to lead in the first shot, and then Tom Wagner.

The M’Earthtones, led by Kris Yenney, appeared on June 11.

Ray Bierl and Bobbi Nickles with Mike Stadler also appeared on June 11.

Here is fine Scottish finger-style guitarist Tony McManus from his May 28 appearance.

Divahn is a Mizrahi band from New York that appeared on February 26. Leader Galeet Dardashti is the second from our left.

Pipers from the annual local tionól, appearing on February 19, are Patrick D’Arcy, Patrick Sky, and Todd Denman.

The non-traditional bluegrass band Crooked Still appeared on February 12. They are Corey DiMario, Tristan Clarridge, Greg Liszt, and Aoife O’Donovan.

Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph gives us a plug on February 5.

Sacred world music vocal group Ya Elah appeared on January 29.

Local singer-songwriter Elisa M. Welch, who also appeared on January 29.