NATURE SOUND RECORDIST A 59-Minute Radio Documentary
Produced by JoAnn Mar

Bernie Krause photo

Nature sound recordist Bernie Krause was a recent guest on Folk Music & Beyond. Some of you may have missed this special program produced for Earth Day, so we are now making it available with Bernie’s permission.

Krause started his professional career playing folk music with The Weavers. He collaborated with keyboardist Paul Beaver, and as Beaver & Krause, they produced five albums and were in great demand as session musicians.

During our conversation, he describes how and why he made the transition from commercial musician to naturalist and bio-acoustician. Krause takes us on a sonic tour to some of his favorite wilderness areas. He talks about his new book The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places and describes the connection between our music and the musical sounds of the natural world.