Folk Music & Beyond

The Spring 2017 Membership Drive Has Begun!!

Support Folk Music & Beyond during KALW’S 2017 Spring Membership Drive this Saturday (May 6th)! Call (800) 525-9917 between 3 and 5 P.M. or contribute online and for a $75 contribution, we’ll send you one of these fine CDs:

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Ports of Call

This CD is truly a joy to listen to! Alasdair’s Scottish fiddling and Natalie’s innovative cello playing weave and blend together seamlessly, producing gorgeous melodies and counter-melodies. The instrumentals are rooted in Scottish traditional music, but other influences make their way into this recording from France, Canada, Finland, Galicia, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and Mono Lake. Highly recommended!

  1. “Freedom Come All Ye”
  2. “Derrière les Carreaux”
  3. “Silver and Stuff”
  4. “Muiñeiras”
  5. “Waltzska for Su-A”
  6. “Adelaide/Keeping Up with Christine”
  7. “Megan & Jarrod”
  8. “Moon over Mono”
  9. “Professor Cherry Clark”
  10. “Foliada!”
  11. “The Devil & the Gypsy”
  12. “Hanneke’s Bridal March”
  13. “Polonessa Spoof”


Rhiannon Giddens, Freedom Highway

Also highly recommended. Rhiannon is co-founder of The Carolina Chocolate Drops. Last year, she won the “Folk Singer of the Year” award from BBC’s Radio 2 Folk competition and the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo. Freedom Highway is her second solo release and is a collection of mostly original songs that cover American history from slavery days to the civil rights movement of the 60’s to police violence in the 21st century.

  1. “At the Purchaser’s Option”
  2. “The Angels Laid Him Away”
  3. “Julie”
  4. “Birmingham Sunday”
  5. “Better Get It Right the First Time”
  6. “We Could Fly”
  7. “Hey Bébé”
  8. “Come Love Come”
  9. “The Love We Almost Had”
  10. “Baby Boy”
  11. “Following the North Star”
  12. “Freedom Highway”
  13. Digital Booklet: “Freedom Highway”


Molly Tuttle, Rise

Molly’s career began as a teenage performer with The Tuttles in the Bay Area. She is a rising young talent. Not only is she a wonderful singer, but she is a phenomenal guitar player! No kidding—she’s in the same league with Patty Larkin and Kaki King.

  1. “Good Enough”
  2. “You Didn’t Call My Name”
  3. “Save This Heart”
  4. “Lightning in a Jar”
  5. “Friend and a Friend”
  6. “Super Moon”
  7. “Walden”