Folk Music & Beyond Thank-You Gifts

KALW 2018 Fall Membership Campaign

Contribute this Saturday between 3 and 5 P.M. and help us reach our goal of 60 calls and clicks. Donate online or call (800) 525-9917 during our show and ask for any of our fabulous thank-you gifts:

For $75
Ry Cooder’s new CD, The Prodigal Son

It’s back to basics for Ry—American roots, blues, gospel, R&B, and original songs. After years of exploring African, Indian, Cuban, and Mexican music, Ry Cooder is returning to the music that cemented his reputation as a stellar musician and an innovative instrumentalist.

  1. “Straight Street”
  2. “Shrinking Man”
  3. “Gentrification”
  4. “Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right”
  5. “The Prodigal Son”
  6. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”
  7. “You Must Unload”
  8. “I’ll Be Rested When the Roll Is Called”
  9. “Harbor of Love”
  10. “Jesus and Woody”
  11. “In His Care”


For $75
The String Sisters’ new CD, Between Wind and Water

The String Sisters are a Grammy long-listed folk supergroup made up of six of the world’s leading female fiddlers—Liz Carroll & Liz Knowles from the U.S., Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh from Ireland, Annbjørg Lien from Norway, Emma Hardelin from Sweden, and Catriona MacDonald from Scotland. If you love Celtic music, this is the CD for you!

  1. “The Crow’s Visit”
  2. “Wind and Rain”
  3. “Open to the Elements”
  4. “Hjaltland”
  5. “Det Bor I Mina Tankar”
  6. “Trotto”
  7. “Tiger in the Galley”
  8. “Mo Níon Ó”
  9. “Return from Helsinki”
  10. “Vinterfolk”
  11. “Late Night in Forde”
  12. “The Blooming Conductor (Live)”


For $100
Small Island Big Song by various Pacific Island singers and musicians

We’re taking a chance including this off-the-beaten-track recording, but I’m hoping you will be enchanted by this music as we were. Musicians from 16 different Pacific Rim island nations participated in this wonderful one-of-a-kind cross-collaboration.

  1. Siao-chun Tai — “Senasenai a Mapuljat”
  2. Yoyo Tuki — “Ka Va’ai Mai Koe”
  3. The Ankievo Village Band — “Hisoma sa ts Hisoma A”
  4. Sandro, Siao-chun Tai, Mau Power & Airileke — “Gasikara”
  5. Charles Maimarosia — “Naka Wara Wara To’o”
  6. The Leweton Cultural Experience — “Sogor”
  7. Alena Murang — “Pemung Jae”
  8. Horomona Horo & Waimihi Hotere — “Manu Koroki”
  9. Kuana Torres Kahele & Clara Andrianaivo — “Mele O Ke Kipuka”
  10. Ben Hakalitz & Koyawa — “Alie Sike”
  11. Ado Kaliting Pacidal & Tarika Sammy — “Sacanoy”
  12. Monja Manitsindava — “Fafy Rano”
  13. Gus Teja — “Dewi Sri”
  14. The Yumi Yet Bamboo Band — “Kwin Potutu”
  15. Rajery & Zo — “Omby”
  16. Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani — “Ke Ha’a la Puna”
  17. Piteyo Ukah & The Small Island Big Song Village — “Uyas Gerakun”
  18. Yoyo Tuki & The Small Island Big Song Village — “Ka Va’ai Mai Koe — Reprise”