KALW music programs remain available for a week after broadcast via the Local Music Player. Click a program name in the list to run it. (Please see some updated notes on the Player that follow below.)

The player itself should appear near the top of the Local Music Player window, like this:

If not, make sure you have JavaScript enabled for the playback site ( Current browsers also require the latest version* of Adobe Flash to enable the Player to work or even appear. At that point, the Player should work on Firefox.

You can enable Flash on Chrome on a per-site basis by first clicking the info icon at the left end of the address bar for this page (or on the station site). Then in the Flash drop-down, select the setting “Always allow on this site” and Reload. Then you should be able to start playback by clicking first our program name and then the Start button in the middle of the player itself. (I’ve verified all this only for Windows PCs so far, but I have a friend who listens via Safari on a desktop Mac.)

The paid (~$4) versions of the Puffin browser for iOS and for Android have full Flash built in, among other striking features. The free versions have more limited Flash support.

See also the Streaming page for what is on the KALW air now.

*Note that you can uncheck optional offers.