About Us


JoAnn Mar is cofounder and cohost of “Folk Music & Beyond.” She initiated the show in October 1986 at a time when KALW had very few locally produced live music shows and relied mostly on network programs. When “Folk Music & Beyond” first started, JoAnn was woefully ignorant of British and Irish music and wasn’t conversant with a lot of contemporary American folk music. She had to hit the ground running, and even after all this time, there’s still so much more to learn. When she isn’t busy with “Folk Music & Beyond,” JoAnn is an independent radio producer and has produced award-winning documentaries on a number of varied topics, including Chinese garment workers, death and dying, dieting, women’s music, and date rape. JoAnn’s latest radio project is an in-depth look into private prisons.


Bob Campbell is cofounder and cohost of “Folk Music & Beyond.” He was a frequent substitute host for the KPFA folk show Sing Out in the early 1980s (more an engineering type, still, he was heard to have an ear for a segue), before he cofounded “Folk Music & Beyond” on KALW. Bob has been collecting records and CDs for over 30 years, and much of the material used on “Folk Music & Beyond” is drawn from Bob’s extensive library. Bob is fond of cycling and dogwalking. He tries to work in some editing to scrape by.


Sandy Miranda has been producing and hosting non-commercial radio for 23 years, for the pure love of it. Her taste in music is very eclectic and is based in roots, world, folk, country, and traditional music. Hawaiian and Pacific Islander music is never far from her CD player, and she also likes folk-rock and the fusions that are happening now in Europe and all around the Mediterranean area.

Sandy’s 2005 show on Sardinia was nominated for a National Federation of Community Broadcasters award. She has also produced music and culture pieces for the CBC’s Global Village.