This Quarter


ere are our weekly listings for the spring months. Watch this list for further details to be filled in and other possible updates.

3/26 British Folk—The Next Generation: Music by the younger generation of British musicians who are carrying on the tradition—Olivia Chaney, Fay Hield, Bella Hardy, Eliza Carthy, Andy Cutting, Boden & Spiers, Sam Sweeney, the Unthanks.
4/2 One with the Tide: Our seas, ourselves, from Tori Amos, Cathie Ryan, Xavier Rudd, Sandy Denny, Alice DiMicele.
4/9 CCE Comhaltas Convention: The annual gathering of musicians and enthusiasts who promote and perform traditional Irish music and culture. This year’s convention takes place April 21–24 in Foster City. Among the featured performers will be accordion master John Whelan, flautist Laurence Nugent, and local musicians including mandolinist Marla Fibish and members of The Gasmen.
4/16 Earth Day: Calls to restore our earth and resist the forces of destruction.
4/23 New and Recent Releases: The latest by Aoife O’Donovan, Eliza Gilkyson, Fay Hield, Yo Yo Ma, Sarah McQuaid, Bella White, Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange), Molly Tuttle, Kate McDonnell, and more.
4/30 Celebrating Frankie Gavin: A tour of highlights of the work of the County Galway fiddler, famed for his role in Irish supergroup De Dannan, conducted by Nancy Iverson.
5/7 Yeats in Song: The poems of the acclaimed Irish poet William Butler Yeats set to music by Joni Mitchell, Joseph Sobel, Christy Moore, Loreena McKennitt, Andy Irvine, Cherish the Ladies, Bay Area musician Kyle Thayer. Also featured is a new collection, I Am of Ireland: Yeats In Song by various artists.
5/14 The Nightingale: The songbird so famed in music and literature, active in May, as presented by balladeer Sam Lee and others. A migrant, suggesting a nod to World Migratory Bird Day.
5/21 West Coast: Musicians from up and down our coast, Alice DiMicele, Brian Cutean, MaMuse, more.
5/28 Memorial Day: In remembrance of soldiers who have fought and died in combat. Music by Steeleye Span, Lillie Palmer, Steeleye Span, The Full English, Karan Casey & James Taylor, and more.
6/4 Waltzing’s for Dreamers: Dance music of all sorts by Arcady, Richard Thompson, the Critton Hollow String Band, Ry Cooder, Lui Collins, Linda Thompson, Jerry Douglas, and Jenna Reid.
6/11 Of Wolves, Dolphins, and Macaws: And other wild species that may need our help, from the artists of the Spell Songs project, Eileen McGann, Alan Reid, Odessa Chen, Danit.
6/18 On the Road Again: Songs inspired by life on the road by Kate MacLeod, Zoe Mulford, Mary Black, Mary McCaslin, Stan Rogers, and more.
6/25 Midsummer Music: Songs for Solstice and the season.

The Zen teacher and poet Thich Nhat Hanh was asked, “What do we most need to do to save our world?” His answer was this: “What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying.”...
Many of us fear that confrontation with despair will bring loneliness and isolation. On the contrary, in letting go of old defenses we find truer community. And in community, we learn to trust our inner responses to our world—and find our power.
You are not alone! We are part of a vast, global movement: the epochal transition from empire to Earth community. This is the Great Turning. And the excitement, the alarm, even the overwhelm we feel, are all part of our waking up to this collective adventure.
As in any true adventure, there is risk and uncertainty. Our corporate economy is destroying both itself and the natural world. Its effect on living systems is what David Korten calls the Great Unraveling. It is happening at the same time as the Great Turning, and we cannot know which way the story will end.

—Joanna Macy