This Quarter


ere are our weekly listings for the winter months. Watch this list for further details to be filled in and other possible updates.

1/6 In Memoriam: Honoring some of the musicians who passed away last year—the list is too long—too heartbreaking. Sean Keane (the Chieftains), Shane McGowan (Pogues), Seamus Begley, Les Barker, David Lindley, Al Pettaway, Sinead O’Connor, Rodriguez, George Winston, Gordon Lightfoot, David LaFlamme, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Wayne Shorter, Bruce Barthol, David Moloney, Harry Belafonte, David Crosby, Chris Strachwitz, Burt Bacharach, Gary Wright.
1/13 British Isles and Irish Contemporary: Spell Songs, Martin Hayes, Karine Polwart, Alasdair Roberts, Jez Lowe, more.
1/20 New and Recent Releases: The latest by Mr. Sun, Las Sampaguitas, Eliza Gilkyson, San Miguel Fraser, Tom Paxton & John McCutcheon, Genticorum from Quebec, Alison Russell, Welsh harper Catrin Finch, and a tribute to the late Nanci Griffith.
1/27 Imbolc: Music for the Celtic beginning of spring: Susan McKeown, Damh the Bard, Carolyn Hillyer, more.
2/3 The Humorous Side of Folk: Songs to tickle your funny bone by Bob Dylan, the late Les Barker, Loudon Wainwright, Nellie McKay, the Chicken Chokers, Jane Siberry, the Bobs, Cheryl Wheeler, Terri Hendrix, Guy Clark, Christine Lavin, and more.
2/10 Year of the Dragon: A year calling for courage, creativity, and a bit of luck, as may be expressed in songs by Yaima, Jay Ansill, Curawaka, Vishtèn, Bruce Cockburn, Ayla Nereo, Mamalama, and more.
2/17 Music & Conversation with Bernice Johnson Reagon: As part of Black History Month, an encore broadcast of an interview with Bernice Johnson Reagon, founder of the all-black female a cappella ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary.
2/24 Potpourri: Festive music for early spring. Susie Ro, Sierra Marin, Sam Garrett, Gone Gone Beyond, more.
3/2 The Scandinavian-Celtic Connection: Ale Moeller & Aly Bain, The Danish String Quartet, Barry Phillips, Nordic Fiddlers, Dreamers’ Circus, Lyre Lyre, Karen Tweed & Sileas, and a dive into Finnish folk.
3/9 International Women’s Day: Varied visions of women from here and there.
3/16 St. Patrick’s: Music from Ireland.
3/23 Spring Equinox: The waxing light and leafing forth of things, from Pamela Wyn Shannon, Mamalama, Diana Rowan.
3/30 Tribute to Clannad: Members of the renowned Irish band are completing their final world-wide tour. We’ll look back at their earliest albums and trace the evolution of their music over the years.

One of the saddest tendencies in our present culture is an indignant intolerance for the basic humanity of being human. People of the past are harshly judged by the standards of the present (which their own difficult lives helped establish), and people of the present are harshly judged by impossible (and hypocritical, in the full context of any judger’s life) standards of uniform perfection across all regions of private and public existence. And yet the eternal test of character—our great moral triumph—is the ability to face our own imperfections with composure, reflecting on them with lucid and luminous determination to do better—an essential form of moral courage all the more difficult, and all the more important, amid a cultural atmosphere that mistakes self-righteousness for morality and suffocates the basic impulse toward betterment with punitive intolerance for human foible.

Maria Popova