Photos for 2015

Here are more snapshots of recent performances, taken as we find an opportunity. These smaller shots link to denser, uncropped originals.

Noted singer-songwriter and guitar wizard Bruce Cockburn was our guest on December 5.

The duo of A.J. Roach and Nuala Kennedy, with their original songs and styles rooted in Appalachia, Scotland, and the northeast of Ireland, joined us on November 28. Not shown here: Nuala’s lovely Irish flute or low whistle.

Syvia Herold’s band Euphonia reunited in time to appear on our air on November 21. They are Chuck Ervin, bass, Paul Kotapish, mandolin, Syvia Herold, lead vocals and guitar, and Charlie Hancock, accordion.

Musicians and singer-songwriters Diana Gameros, with the guitar, and María José Montijo, the harpist, were our guests on November 21.

Spark & Whisper, the local duo of Anita Sandwina and Velvy Appleton, appeared on October 10.

Dan Walsh, singer-songwriter and banjo wizard from Birmingham, England, in styles ranging from English traditional to bluegrass, was our guest on September 19.

Scottish fiddler Michael Mullen, together with some of the makings of a modern one-man band (involving the technique known as looping), from August 29.

Troubadour John McCutcheon appeared on our show on June 13 in support of his one-man play Joe Hill’s Last Will. The bit of hair tint is for sake of the part, since Joe Hill was executed by firing squad at age 36.

Music journalist turned singer-songwriter Sylvie Simmons, live on June 6.

Images of members of the distinctive and reknowned Pacific Boychoir, live on June 6, directed by Kevin Fox.

Portland singer-songwriter and musical healer Johanna Warren appeared live on May 23.

Lucia Comnes visited on March 14 for a Pre–St. Patrick’s Day Special. She’s a South Bay singer-songwriter and musician in Irish, Greek, Balkan, and other styles.

Singer-songwriter John Gorka appeared on January 17.