Photos for 2013

Here are more pix shot under field conditions, amid the usual forest of mics, cables, stands, and booms. They are a product of the times that one of us remembers to bring a camera to a live performance and also remembers to use it amid the pressures of production and interviewing. For images of musicians as they and their promoters would like them to be presented, we suggest the artists’ own sites. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.

Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover of the group Broceliande join us on December 21 to lend some Yuletide cheer.

Folks who understand how to dress for radio, singers from the California Revels are our guests on November 30 to publicize the latest Christmas Revels production, “The Spirits of Haddon Hall.”

Also on November 30, the women’s vocal ensemble Kitka drops in to let us sample the latest recension of their Wintersongs concert series.

The duo Kim and Reggie Harris are joined by singer-songwriter and guitarist James Lee Stanley and by Sonny Ochs, Phil Ochs’s sister, on November 16 to promote a Phil Ochs Song Night. The Harrises combine wide-ranging musical talents with a strong folk and gospel legacy and sense of history.

The duo Mikael and Mia Marin also appeared live on November 9. Mikael plays five-string viola for the well-known Swedish band Väsen; Mia plays five-string violin in a number of Swedish ensembles, composes, teaches, and is a photographer.

Rebecca Roudman’s band Dirty Cello brings their mix of blues, Gypsy jazz, and Euro-Gypsy dance music to our air on November 9. (JoAnn joins in the group portrait.)

Just a few of the members of TriBeCaStan in the high school hallway outside our studios as we set them up to perform as part of our on-air folk festival November 9. These couple of shots hardly suggest what a mad race it was to get them all on mic and ready to air (thanks to Tony Ferro!). This New York band does a wonderful mix of jazz and world musics.

The duo Noctambule (Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor) perform evocative musical settings to poetry on September 28.

The Bills, a versatile band from Canada’s west coast, appear on September 28. They are Richard Moody, violin, viola, and vocals; Adrian Dolan, fiddle, accordion, piano, and vocals; Marc Atkinson, mandolin, guitar, and vocals; Chris Frye, guitar and lead vocals; and Scott White, upright bass and vocals. JoAnn joins the band in the final photo.

Aural soundscape artist Lily Taylor and torchy chanteuse Karina Denike were part of UnderCover Presents’ “Highway 61 Revised” preview on August 31... were soul singer Carletta Sue Kay, Randy Walker’s alter ego...

(seen here again with UnderCover Executive Producer Lyz Luke)

...and Irene Sazer, original member of the Turtle Island String Quartet and founder of the Real Vocal String Quartet.

The local children’s choir VOENA, directed by Annabelle Marie, appeared August 17. You can see a YouTube recording of the whole performance on our Videos page.

Jeremy Kittel and Dave Cory from their appearance in support of the Shasta String Celebration on July 20. Jeremy combines a deep mastery of styles as diverse as jazz, Scottish and Irish fiddle, bluegrass, classical music, and more with a rich compositional style. Dave is a skilled accompanist on Irish tenor banjo and flatpick guitar.

Richard Rice is Program Director for the San Francisco Free Folk Festival; he was responsible for bringing in the two acts shown next for our festival preview on June 1.

Tina Louise Barr, autoharp virtuoso, and John Gwinner.

The band Whiskey and Women plays a high-energy mix of Cajun two-steps, sea shanties, honky-tonk, drinking songs, and more. They are Renée de la Prade, Joan Wilson Rueter, and Rosie Grace Steffy.

The True Life Trio—Briget Boyle, Juliana Graffagna, and Leslie Bonnett—are purveyors of original songs and sumptuous vocal harmonies from Eastern Europe. They are shown live on our air March 2.

Xandra Corpora, former lead singer for local soul band Con Brio, appeared on April 27.

The band Dina Maccabee (far right, top two shots) & Killbossa perform songs of Joni Mitchell on January 19 as part of the event “UnderCover Presents Blue.”