Photos for 2018

Here are more snapshots of recent performances, taken as we find an opportunity. These smaller shots link to denser, uncropped originals.

David Berkeley is a singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe who offers great storytelling and engaging portrayals of people’s lives. He appeared on October 20.

WorldSong, an offshoot of the World Harmony Chorus directed by Betsy Blakeslee, lead off our On-Air Folk Festival on October 13.

They were followed by Irish singer Aoife Scott, of the famed Black Family, joined by guitarist Andy Meaney of FullSet.

Tim Bluhm, singer-songwriter for the Mother Hips, closed out the festival.

Representatives of the Shasta String Celebration introduced the event on July 14. Above and below, you see Tristan Clarridge, guitar; Matthew Hartz, fiddle; Dominique Arciero, vocals; and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek fame, guitar.

Noted local guitarist Peppino D’Agostino, from his July 14 appearance.

The old-time band Chicken Train is shown warming up for their June 30 appearance. They are, left to right, John Engle, Meredith McIntosh, and John Herrmann.

Members of the eclectic band Brother Spellbinder helped introduce this year’s San Francisco Free Folk Festival on June 2. They are lead by Alzara Getz, vocals and ukulele, here joined by Zoë Atlas, fiddle, and Jamie Wilson, guitar.

EllaHarp, local student of traditional Scottish harping and author of original songs, followed.

Pete Kronowitt, singer-songwriter and Free Folk Festival organizer, closed our live segment.

Multicultural band Baraka Moon opened our On-Air Folk Festival on April 28. It features Sukhawat Ali Khan on vocals and harmonium; Stephen Kent on didgeridoos (shown), percussion, bass, and guitar; Anastasi Mavrides on guitar, bass, and background vocals; and Peter Warren on drums.

Local singer-songwriter duo Misner & Smith—Sam Misner and Megan Smith—followed.

Images of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, in live on April 14. The lowest shot features the Brothers Luper—Cullen and Zane.

Tony DeMarco, famed Irish fiddler from New York, played live for us on March 24. He was joined by Richard Mandell on guitar.

The versatile local band Erica Hockett and Friends shared music for St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Joining Erica (bodhrán and voice) were Chris Hammond, guitar; Troy Dillinger, accordion; and Anne Goesse, violin.

The Séamus Egan Project appeared live on March 10. They are Owen Marshall, bouzouki and harmonium; Moira Smily, banjo, accordion, and vocals; Séamus himself, a founding member of the legendary group Solas, guitar, banjo, and whistles; and Kyle Sanna, guitar.

The new ensemble Mr. Sun appeared live on February 17. They are Joe Walsh, mandolin; Darol Anger, fiddle; Grant Gordy, guitar; and Aidan O’Donnell, bass.

Members of the Conspiracy of Beards shared the songs of Leonard Cohen on January 20.