Photos for 2003

Here are some images from some recent live performances. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.

Pete Morton Pete Morton, songwriter and balladeer, from October 25.
The Swedish group Väsen, in their incarnation as a trio: Mikael Marin, viola; Olov Johansson, nyckelharpa; Roger Tallroth, guitar. They appeared October 18.
Allan Taylor, the fine English singer and songwriter, who joined us on September 6. Allan Taylor
Gabriel Yacoub
This shot of Gabriel Yacoub and his touring partners comes from the colorful backstage area of the old Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse. From the left: Vincent Leutreau, Sylvie Berger, Yacoub. The interview aired August 16.
Deborah Pardes Deborah Pardes, local singer-songwriter active in Artists for Literacy, from August 2.
Paul Sartin from the English duo Belshazzar’s Feast, from a July 19 appearance. Paul Sartin
Rackin & Adrianowicz Sea chantey specialists and Hyde Street Pier habitués Richard Adrianowicz and Riggy Rackin, from June 14.
Priscilla Herdman, who joined us live on June 7. Priscilla Herdman
Broceliande Kris Yenney
Members of Broceliande, from a May 3 appearance: Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover; Kris Yenney.
Claudia Schmidt, with the legendary gaptoothed smile, from a March 15 appearance. Claudia Schmidt
John McCutcheon John McCutcheon dropped in to offer some timely songs on January 11 of this year.