Photos for 2008

Here are some images from some recent live performances. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.

Beatbeat Whisper
Beatbeat Whisper: Davyd Nereo and Ayla Nereo, from November 22.
Some of the Gasmen, local Irish band, from November 22.
Go Van Gogh 1
Members of Go Van Gogh appearing on August 30. Go Van Gogh 2
Toshio Hirano Toshio Hirano bringing Hank Williams to life on August 2.
The Edlos vocal group, from August 2.
Calaveras: Greg Beattie, Victoria Blythe, and Dave Decker, from June 14.
The Refugees: Cindy Bullens, Deborah Holland, and Wendy Waldman, from May 31.
The Sonoma County duo Chaskinakuy, presenters of Andean music, from May 10.
Kaladrios 1
Kaladrios 2
The local band Kaladrios, amid the usual clutter, from their March 22 appearance. Kaladrios plays music in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean styles. Present left to right are Greg Jenkins, Lily Storm, Aya Davidson, Dennis Demakos, and Sandy Hollister.
Russ Barenberg Guitarists Russ Barenberg and Bryan Sutton, who appeared on February 9. Bryan Sutton