Photos for 2010

Here are some images from some recent live performances. Click any image for a larger, crisper view and close that window to return.

Local harp trio Triskela (Portia Diwa, Diana Stork, and Shawna Spiteri), from November 13.
Lucy Wainwright Roche, from November 13.
Lee Murdock, outstanding musical historian of the Great Lakes, from October 30.
Moh Alileche, Kabylian musician from Algeria. The larger shot (click this one) shows his ensemble, as they appeared on September 25.
Members of Harpers Hall, led by Verlene Schermer and joined by Jane Valencia, from August 21.
The local Irish music trio Three Mile Stone (Marla Fibish, Erin Shrader, and Richard Mandel), from August 21.
Beyond Berkeley Guitar: Sean Smith, organizer Richard Osborn, and Aaron Sheppard, our guests on July 3.
Irish singer and instrumentalist Andy Irvine, caught backstage at the old Freight & Salvage. He appeared on the show on June 19. Andy Irvine
Los Cenzontles, featured on the show on April 24. From the top: the Center front entrance in San Pablo, Executive Director Eugene Rodriguez, Hugo Arroyo demonstrates playing the jarana, young students.
Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg Irish singer Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg, singer for the Klezmatics, backstage at the old Freight & Salvage. They appeared on the show on March 27.