Memorial Day 2024

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 25, 2024
Hour 1: Memorial Day

First Set

Mary Black, “Fare Thee Well,” Mary Black Collected, 3:00 Dara Records

Iain Anderson, “Cha Till McCrimmon,” Far Far from Ypres, 1:00 Greentrax

Dolores Keane, “Banks of the Nile,” Night Owl, 4:00 Alula

Niamh Parsons, “Syracuse,” Heart’s Desire, 4:46 Green Linnet

Second Set

John Tams & Tim Van Eyken, “The Year Turns Round Again,” War Horse! 2:55

Iain Anderson, “In Memoriam,” Far Far from Ypres, 1:55 Greentrax

Gerry Hallom, “The Calm Before the Storm,” On the Periphery, 3:28 William Boyd Music

June Tabor, “Will Ye Go to Flanders,” Always, 3:45 Topic

Third Set

June Tabor, “Rumours of War,” Angel Tiger, 2:50 Green Linnet/Topic

Mary Black, “My Youngest Son Came Home Today,” Mary Black Collected, 3:58 Dara Records

Neil Young, “Captain Kennedy,” Hawks and Doves, 2:47 Reprise

Sandy Denny, “John the Gun,” The North Star Grassman and the Ravens, 4:32 Island

Mannheim Steamroller, “Door 3,” Fresh Aire II, 2:27 American Gramaphone

Fourth Set

War Horse Cast, “Only Remembered,” War Horse! 3:36

Jim Page, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” Not in Our Name, 3:41 (self-produced by David Ferrard)

Richard Thompson, “Al Bowly’s in Heaven,” Watching the Dark, 5:10 Hannibal

Midway Music

The Chieftains, “The French March,” The Year of the French, 4:00 Shanachie

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for May 25, 2024
Hour 2: More Memorial Day

First Set

Old Crow Medicine Show, “Carry Me Back to Virginia,” Carry Me Back, 2:40 ATO Records

David Kincaid, “Free and Green,” The Irish Volunteer, 4:10 Ryko

June Tabor, “Virginia’s Bloody Soil,” Always, 2:44 Topic

Mary Black & The Chieftains, “Paddy’s Lamentation / Ships Are Sailing,” Long Journey Home, 4:44 RCA Victor/BMG

June Tabor, “Lay This Body Down,” Abyssinians, 2:51 Topic

James Taylor, “Soldiers,” Mud Slide Slim, 1:10 Warner Bros.

Richard Shindell, “Reunion Hill,” Reunion Hill, 4:28 Shanachie

Second Set

June Tabor, “A Smiling Shore,” Abyssinians, 3:12 Green Linnet/Topic

Richard Thompson, “Sam Jones,” You? Me? Us? 3:55 Capitol

John Williams, “Homecoming Theme,” War Horse! 8:07

Third Set

Richard Thompson, “I Ain’t Marching Any More,” RT: The Life and Music of Richard Thompson, 2:50 Free Reed

Robb Johnson, “We All Said Stop the War,” Not in Our Name, 3:59 (self-produced by David Ferrard)


Dolores Keane, “The Night Owl (Homeward Turns), Night Owl, 3:40 Alula

Lillie Palmer, “Insanity Street,” Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music, 3:13 Windham Hill