Music and Conversation with Frances Black; Tribute to Maire Brennan and Clannad

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 30, 2024
Hour 1: Music and Conversation with Frances Black

  1. The Black Family, “Donkey Riding,” The Black Family, 2:38 Dara Records
  2. Patty Black & The Black Family, “A Bird in a Gilded Cage,” Our Time Together, 4:00 Dara Records
  3. Frances Black & Arcady, “After the Ball,” After the Ball, 5:32 Shanachie
  4. Frances Black, “Talk to Me While I’m Listening,” Talk to Me, 4:49 Celtic Heartbeat/Atlantic
  5. Frances Black, “Another Day,” How High the Moon, 2:15 Dara Records
  6. Frances Black & Kieran Goss, “Heard It All Before,” Frances Black and Kieran Goss, 3:50 Shanachie
  7. Senator Frances Black addressing the Seanad Éireann on 2/16/17 on Palestine 1:30
  8. Róisín Elsafty & Sharon Shannon, “An Phailistin,” Libertango, 4:05 Compass
  9. Frances Black & The Black Family, “This Love Will Carry,” Time for Touching Home, 3:49 Dara Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 30, 2024
Hour 2: Tribute to Maire Brennan and Clannad

First Set

Clannad, “Na Buachailla Alainn,” Fuaim, 2:52 Tara/Shanachie

Clannad, “Rince Philiba ’Cheoil,” Clannad 2, 1:50 Shanachie

Clannad, “D Tigeas A’Damhsa,” Ring of Gold, 1:28 Celtic Music

Clannad, “Bacach Shile Andai,” Crann Ull, 2:29 Tara/Shanachie

Second Set

Clannad, “Mhorag’s na horo Gheallaidh,” Fuaim, 1:39 Tara/Shanachie

Clannad, “A Strange Day in the Countryside,” Crann Ull, 3:44 Tara/Shanachie

Clannad, “Dulaman,” Dulaman, 4:28 Gael-Linn

Third Set

Clannad, “Mheall si lena Glorthai Me,” Fuaim, 4:15 Tara/Shanachie

Clannad, “Cruscin Lan,” Crann Ull, 2:28 Tara/Shanachie

Clannad, “An Tull,” Fuaim, 3:00 Tara/Shanachie

Fourth Set

Clannad, “Eirgh Suas a Stoirin,” Dulaman, 5:08 Gael-Linn

Clannad, “Siuil a Run,” Dulaman, 5:45 Gael-Linn

Fifth Set

Maire Brennan, “Oro,” Maire, 3:56 Atlantic

Clannad, “Newgrange,” Magical Ring, 4:01 RCA

Clannad, “I See Red,” Magical Ring, 4:20 RCA


Clannad, “Who Knows (Where the Time Goes),” In a Lifetime, 4:09 BMG/Island