St. Patrick’s Day

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 16, 2024
Hour 1: St. Patrick’s Celebration

First Set

Lúnasa, “Chapel Bell,” Live in Kyoto, 4:40 Lúnasa Music

Scartaglen, “Last Night’s Fun,” Last Night’s Fun, 3:20 City Spark Records

Altan, “The Donegal Selection,” Donegal, 3:24 Compass Records

Second Set

Altan, “Beidh Aonach Amrach,” Another Sky, 4:18 Narada/Virgin

Liz Carroll, “Greenleaf Strathspey / The Setting Sun,” Liz Carroll, 2:35 Green Linnet

Kevin Burke & Micheal O’Domhnaill, “Maudabawn Chapel / The Wild Irishman / The Moher Reel,” Green Linnet: The 20th Anniversary Collection, 2:57 Green Linnet

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, “Frank Keane’s,” Welcome Here Again, 2:03 Green Linnet

Lúnasa, “Cabin in the Woods,” Live in Kyoto, 4:04 Lúnasa Music

Third Set

Relativity, “When Barney Flew Over the Hills,” (live), 3:08

Altan, “Eoghainin O’Ragadain,” Another Sky, 3:47 Narada/Virgin

Altan, “Port Arainn Mhor Port Kitty / Rua Mooney,” Donegal, 3:30 Compass Records

Fourth Set

Máire Breatnach, “A West Ocean Waltz,” Angels Candles, 2:36 Blix Street

John Doyle, “Early in the Spring,” Evening Comes Early, 3:40 Shanachie

Altan, “Liostail me le Sairsint,” Donegal, 3:11 Compass Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 16, 2024
Hour 2: More St. Patrick’s

First Set

Planxty, “P Stands for Paddy, I Suppose,” Cold Blow and the Rainy Night, 4:34 Shanachie

Altan, “Donal Argus Morag,” Harvest Storm, 4:27 Green Linnet

Altan, “The Yellow Tinker,” Donegal, 3:03 Compass Records

Lúnasa, “Good Morning Nightcap” (live) 4:51

Second Set

Tim O’Brien & Lúnasa, “The Water Is Wise,” Cas, 3:50 (self-produced)

Altan, “The Wind and Rain,” Local Ground, 4:03 Narada/EMI

Altan, “The Roseville,” Local Ground, 2:10 Narada/EMI

(under pledge break) Altan, “The Letterkenny Blacksmith / John Doherty’s Favorite,” Donegal, 4:10 Compass

Third Set

Altan, “Suil Ghorm,” Runaway Sunday, 2:40 Virgin

Mick McAuley, “Rain and Snow,” An Ocean’s Breadth, 3:42 Shanachie

Lúnasa, “The Bull’s March,” Live in Kyoto, 5:05 Lúnasa Music

Fourth Set

The Alt, “Lovely Nancy,” The Alt, 4:35 (self-produced)

Altan, “Farewell My Lovely Nancy,” Local Ground, 3:14 Narada/EMI

Daori Farrell & Lúnasa, “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore,” Cas, 4:12 Compass Records

Lúnasa, “Bal Loudieg,” Live in Kyoto, 3:22 Lúnasa Music