The Celtic-Scandinavian Connection; Finnish Folk

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 2, 2024
Hour 1: The Celtic-Scandinavian Connection

First Set

Barry Phillips, “Holland House,” Notebook, 3:29 Koustic Music

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, “Schottishe Kerlou,” Bonfrost, 3:14 (self-produced)

Lyre Lyre, “Gin and Strathespey,” Gin and Strathspey, 5:53 (self-produced)

Second Set

Aly Bain & Ale Möller, “Da Bride’s a Bonnie Ting,” Fully Rigged, 2:30 Northside

Dervish & Väsen, “The Emigrant’s Farewell / The Bison Polska,” A Winter’s Tale, 8:36 Celtic Heartbeat

Barry Phillips & Olov Johansson, “Polonaise in H-moll,” Notebook, 2:45 Koustic Music

Midway Music

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, “The Scandinavian,” Fire and Grace, 4:55 Culburnie Records

Third Set

Hawktail, “Antilopen,” Place of Growth, 4:17 Padiddle Records

Barry Phillips, “Polska efter Pelle Fors,” Cello, 4:11 Gourd Music

Fourth Set

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, “The Hen Hunt,” Deliverance, 2:44 (self-produced)

Scott Nygaard & Crow Molly, “Haapavesi Nights,” Scott Nygaard and Crow Molly, 4:47 Fret Soup Records

The Goodbye Girls, “Hostrusk,” Snowy Side of the Mountain, 4:18 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 2, 2024
Hour 2: Finnish Folk

First Set

Red Clay Ramblers, “Far North,” Far North, 3:28 Sugar Hill

Dreamers’ Circus, “Bubbles in Central Park,” Blue White Gold, 3:55 Vertical Records

Barry Phillips, “Arepolska,” Notebook, 3:39 Koustic Music

Dervish & Väsen, “Josefin’s Waltz,” At the End of the Evening, 4:55 Kells Music

Second Set

Plektronite, “Puistolan Paavin Porempi Sottiisi,” Arctic Paradise 2005, 3:55

Tuomas Logrén, “Toutain,” Arctic Paradise 2016, 2:50

Maria Kalaniemi & Vilda Rosor, “I Fjol,” Arctic Paradise 2012, 5:20

Petri Hakala, “Minor Mode,” Arctic Paradise 1999, 3:28

Third Set

Värttinä, “Linnunmieli” & “Lieto,” Ilmatar, 7:02 Wicklow Records

Frigg, “Meltaus,” Arctic Paradise 2003, 1:30

JPP, “Felicita,” Arctic Paradise 2016, 4:49

Fourth Set

Värttinä, “Kyla Voutti Uutta Kuuta,” Seleniko, 5:08 Northside

Markku Lepistö, “La Reve,” Arctic Paradise 2001, 4:49