New and Recent Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 20, 2024
Hour 1: New and Recent Releases

First Set

Genticorum, “La Bateliere,” Au Coeur de l’Aube, 4:02 (self-produced)

The Fire, “The Prodigal Son,” Radiance, 4:08 (self-produced)

Laura Risk, “Retreat Marches,” Traverse, 4:07 (self-produced)

Second Set

Genticorum, “Old Yameska,” Au Coeur de l’Aube, 4:13 (self-produced)

Carrie Newcomer, “Singing in the Dark,” A Great Wild Mercy, 4:39 Available Light Records

Gregory Alan Isakov, “San Luis,” Appaloosa Bones, 4:25 Suitcase Town Music / Dual Music Group

Sufjan Stevens, “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” Javelin, 4:08 Asthmatic Kitty

Midway Music

Dougie MacLean, “Lornty,” Flo, 5:03 Dunkeld Records

Third Set

John McCutcheon, “Everything,” Together: Tom Paxton & John McCutcheon, 1:17 Appalseed

Nat Myers, “Yellow Peril,” Yellow Peril, 3:24 Easy Eye Sound / Concord

Happy Traum, “Santa Cruz Blues,” There’s a Bright Side Somewhere, 3:00 Lark’s Nest Music

Fourth Set

Cory Seznec, “Trailblazer,” Deep of Time, 4:26 Captain Pouch Records

Touki, “Pardonne Moi,” Plastic Man, 3:09 (self-produced)

Susan Tedeschi, “Looking for Answers,” Just Won’t Burn, 3:30 Fantasy Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 20, 2024
Hour 2: More New and Recent Releases

First Set

Mama’s Broke, “Oh Sun / Pale Night /Forgetting Reel,” Narrow Line, 3:25 Free Dirt Records

Cory Seznec, “Raleigh and Spencer,” Eyes on the Rise, 4:03 Captain Pouch Records

Evie Ladin, “Polly Put the Kettle On / Lonesome John,” Playing Our Hand, 4:30 (self-produced)

Second Set

Viv & Riley, “Sauvie Island,” Imaginary People, 4:00 Free Dirt Records

Dan Tyminski & Molly Tuttle, “Church Street Blues,” One More Time Before You Go, 3:04 North Star Records

Craig Cardiff, “All This Time Running,” All This Time Running, 3:05 (self-produced)

Waxahatchee, “Right Back to It,” Tigers Blood, 4:30 anti-

Third Set

Molly Tuttle & Billy Strings, “Listen to the Radio,” More Than a Whisper: Celebrating the Music of Nanci Griffith, 4:00 Rounder

Kathy Kallick Band, “Just Lonesome Ol’ Me and the Radio,” The Lonesome Chronicles, 3:42 Live Oak Records

Steve Earle, “It’s a Hard Life,” More Than a Whisper: Celebrating the Music of Nanci Griffith, 4:30 Rounder Records

Peter Rowan & Nina Gerber, “Ford Econoline,” Time Is Funny That Way, 4:29 Goatscape Music

Nanci Griffith, “Spin on a Red Brick Floor,” Once in a Very Blue Moon, 2:30 Rounder

Fourth Set

Tim O’Brien, “Cup of Sugar,” Cup of Sugar, 3:36 Howdy Skies