Songs for the Holidays

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for December 16, 2023
Hour 1: Songs for the Holidays with Kitka
(featuring executive director Shira Cion)

First Set

Kitka, “Ukrainian Carol” (live) 3:30

Gerald Trimble, “Taqasim for the Magi,” Christmas Guitars, 3:01 Green Linnet

Wayne Horvitz & Robin Holcomb, “Mah L’kha Ha-yam Variation,” Festival of Light, 3:34 Six Degrees

Kitka, “Bel Veter Due,” Evening Star, 1:38 Diaphonica

Interview with Kitka’s Shira Cion

Second Set

Kitka, “Po Polju,” The Vine, 1:37 Diaphonica

Kitka, “V hospodaron’ka,” Evening Star, 2:39 Diaphonica

Kitka, “Kolendna Zvezda,” Evening Star, 3:24 Diaphonica

Third Set

Kitka, “Alilo,” Evening Star, 2:30 Diaphonica

Kitka, “Fly, Trembling Spirit,” Evening Star, 5:09 Diaphonica

Fourth Set

Kitka, “A Gute Vokh,” Evening Star, 5:19 Diaphonica

Kitka, “Subrali Sa Se Subrali,” The Vine, 3:30 Diaphonica

(if necessary) The Revels, “Estampie,” Christmas Day in the Morning, 3:31 Revels Records,

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for December 16, 2023
Hour 2: Songs for the Holidays with The Revels

Interview with The Revels’ Chas Schley

First Set

The Revels, “Wassail Carol,” The Christmas Revels, 2:08 Revels Records

The Revels, “Brass Fanfare,” The Christmas Revels, 1:11 Revels Records

The Revels, “Dona Nobis Pacem,” Christmas in an Irish Castle, 1:27 California Revels

The Revels, “Abbots Bromley Horn Dance,” The Christmas Revels, 1:52 Revels Records

The Revels, “Shortest Day,” The Christmas Revels, 1:30 Revels Records

The Revels, “Sussex Mummers Carol,” The Christmas Revels, 2:34 Revels Records

Second Set

The Revels, “Nativity,” The Christmas Revels, 0:25 Revels Records

The Revels, “Alle Psallite Cum Luya,” The Christmas Revels, 1:20 Revels Records

The Revels, “Nou Is Yule Comen,” Masters in the Hall, 2:32 California Revels

The Revels, “Le Semeur,” Celtic Roads, 2:51 Revels Records

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, “In Awe of the Nativity,” In Dulci Jubilo, 3:56 Celestial Harmonies

Third Set

The Revels, “Milford,” Christmas Day in the Morning, 2:19 Revels Records

Patrick Ball, “The Blind Harper,” Christmas in an Irish Castle, 1:36 California Revels

Shinobu Sato, Collins Trier, & Alan Ehrich, “Kommt Ihr Hirten,” On This Day Earth Shall Ring, 1:57 Flying Fish

The Revels, “Santez Mari” & “Robin Ddiog,” A Celtic Feast of Song, 3:18 Appletree Records

Fourth Set

Triakel, “Christmas Carol from Alvdelen,” Wintersongs, 3:00 Northside

Rosina de Pèira e Martina, Francesca, & Clara, “Pastres Pastressas,” Nadal Encara, 2:07

JPP, “Felicita,” Arctic Paradise 2016, 4:06 Musiikin edistamissaatio


The Pogues, Shane McGowan & Kirsty MacColl, “Fairytale of New York,” If I Should Fall from Grace with God, 4:31 Island