KALW On-Air Folk Festival for Fall 2023

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 18, 2023
KALW On-Air Folk Festival

Alex de Grassi & The Real Sarahs

Alex de Grassi, “Children’s Dance,” Turning: Turning Back, 2:38 Windham Hill

  1. “Across the Great Divide”
  2. “Lichen on a Limb”
  3. “Broken Man”
  4. “Everything’s Changed”
  5. “Nathan Daniel”

Intermission (18:09)

Alex de Grassi, “Shenandoah,” The Bridge, 3:39 Tropo Records

Alex de Grassi, “Causeway,” Slow Circle, 4:10 Windham Hill

Alex de Grassi, “Si Bheag Si Mor,” The Bridge, 2:41 Tropo Records

Amelia Hogan, “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore,” Transplants, 5:08 (self-produced)

Three Mile Stone, “Old Innishowan,” Three Mile Stone, 2:41 (self-produced)

Amelia Hogan & Richard Mandel

  1. “What Will We Do When We Have No Money”
  2. “Red-Winged Blackbird”
  3. Amelia Hogan, “Taking Flight,” Taking Flight, 2:12 (self-produced)
  4. “Taimse Im Chodhladh”
  5. “Old Churchyard”
  6. “Dh’eirich Mí mo Maidín Cheitain”

Closing music (11:32)

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, “Just a Lie,” 4:10 (live at KALW July 2017)

Laurie Lewis & Mike Marshall, “O the Wind and Rain,” And Laurie Lewis, 4:12 Spruce and Maple

Jasper Manning & Birches Bend, “Bent Creek” (live) 3:20