Post-Samhain 2023

Music on November 11, 2023, was just a little late for Samhain and Dia de los Muertos.

First hour playlist:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Jane Yolan & 3 Ravens Doorway The Infinite Dark (s/p)
Linda Waterfall Drawing Down the Moon In the Presence of the Light (Trout)
Starling Arrow Fly Away Cradle (s/p)
Luna Santa Bruja Mujer Medicina, vol. 1 (s/p)
New Set
Linda Waterfall Welcome to the Dark Welcome to the Dark (Franklin Point Music)
Rising Appalachia Make Magic Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
Pamela Wyn Shannon I Was Made to Love Magic Nature’s Bride (Girlhenge)
Woodland I Remember Twilight (s/p)
Music Under Announcements
Áine Minogue Burke’s Jig / The Rosewood; Miss McCloud’s Hornpipe / Miss McCloud’s Reel Were You at the Rock (Beacon)
New Set
Libana A Circle Is Cast A Circle Is Cast (Spinning)
Carolyn Hillyer The Oldest Magic Weathered Edge (Seventh Wave Music)
Marian McLaughlin Will-o-the-Wisp Spirit House (s/p)
Damh the Bard The Hills They Are Hollow The Hills They Are Hollow (Caer Bryn Music)

Second hour playlist:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Ayla Nereo Piper’s Song Sovereign Kin, Book 1: The Spark (Jumpsuit)
Carolyn Hillyer Blessed This Hearth The Wyched Wombe (Seventh Wave Music)
Marya Stark Keep the Light On Weightless (s/p)
Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith Hestia of the Hearth The Heart Is the Only Nation (Aeolus)
New Set
Pamela Wyn Shannon Pipkin Courting Autumn (Girlhenge)
Áine Minogue Téir Abhaile ’Riú Circle of the Sun (RCA)
Ayla Nereo A Dagger and a Poem Sovereign Kin, Book 1: The Spark (Jumpsuit)
New Set
Libana Whatever Circles Comes from the Center Passage (Spinning)
Grace Griffith Water, Fire, and Smoke Every Hue and Shade (s/p)
Gwydion Farewell to Ye, Mary The Fäerie Shaman (Nemeton)
Luna Santa Suspiro single (s/p)
New Set
Starling Arrow Name of the Wind Live at Catalyst 2023 (Rising Appalachia)
Kiva Rise Up the Call Out of the Corner of the Eye (CD Baby)
(faded under outro) Maggie Sansone Helen O’Grady / Drops of Brandy A Traveler’s Dream (Maggie’s Music)