Summer Is Coming and Going

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 5, 2023
Hour 1: Summer Is Coming In

First Set

Richard Thompson, “Sumer Is Icumen In,” 1000 Years of Popular Music, 2:00 Cooking Vinyl

Anne Briggs, “Summer’s In,” Sing a Song for You, 5:22 Fledg’ling Records

Barry Phillips, “Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn,” Cello, 3:43 Gourd Music

Second Set

John Martyn, “Sing a Song of Summer,” The Tumbler, 2:18 Island

Vashti Bunyan, “Diamond Day,” Just Another Diamond Day, 1:45 Philips Records

Donovan, “To Try for the Sun,” Like It Is, 3:35 Hickory Records

Richard Thompson, “Beeswing,” Mirror Blue, 5:30 Capitol

Frifot, “Summer Waltz,” Summersong, 2:39 Northside

Third Set

North Cregg, “Summer at My Feet,” Summer at My Feet, 2:34 Greentrax Recordings

Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie, “Summer Nights,” Journeys of the Heart, 3:36 (self-produced)

Ian Kearey & Ivor Cutler, “Wheely Down,” The World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson, 4:22 Green Linnet

Julie Fowlis, “Blackbird,” Mojo Presents: The White Album Recovered, 2:39 Mojo

Midway Music

Darol Anger & Mike Marshall, “Dolphins,” Chiaroscuro, 4:17 Windham Hill

Fourth Set

The Smith Sisters, “The River and the Moon,” Roadrunner, 4:39 Rounder

Neil Young, “Midnight on the Bay,” Long May You Run, 3:55 Reprise

Heidi Berry, “Moon and the Sun,” Heidi Berry, 4:40 4AD

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for august 5, 2023
Hour 2: Summer’s End

First Set

Sandy Denny, “Sweet Rosemary,” Sandy, 2:20 Island

Richard Shindell, “Spring / Summer Reel,” Somewhere Near Paterson, 5:05 Signature Sounds

Claudia Schmidt, “Beaver Island Jubilee / For the Birds / Replenish,” New Goodbyes / Old Helloes, 3:50 Flying Fish

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, “Swimming Song,” Kate & Anna McGarrigle, 2:33 Warner Bros. Records

Carmen Cusack & Hannah Elless, “Sun Is Gonna Shine,” Bright Star, 3:06 Ghostlight Records

Second Set

Erica Wheeler, “Good Summer Rain,” Good Summer Rain, 3:38 Blue Pie Music

John McCutcheon, “Water from Another Time,” Water from Another Time, 3:10 Rounder

Women from the Leweton Cultural Experience, “Rim Rim Siag,” Small Island, Big Song, 2:07 (self-produced)

Andrew Vasquez, “Wind River,” A Native American Odyssey, 2:00 Putumayo

Andrew Vasquez, “Far from Home,” An American Indian, 2:37 Makche

Third Set

Cheryl Wheeler, “Summer’s Almost Over,” Defying Gravity, 3:05 Philo/Rounder

John Prine, “Summer’s End,” Tree of Forgiveness, 3:29 Oh Boy

David Francey, “Far End of Summer,” Far End of Summer, 3:11 Laker Music

Dar Williams, “End of Summer,” End of Summer, 4:12 Razor & Tie


June Tabor, “Verdi Cries,” Aqaba, 4:30 Topic / Green Linnet