New and Recent Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 22, 2023
Hour 1: New and Recent Releases

First Set

Scottish Fish, “Stomping,” Upscale, 4:07 (self-produced)

Pete Morton, “Oh Had I a Golden Thread,” A Golden Thread, 4:10 (self-produced)

Billy Strings, “Frosty Morn,” Me/And/Dad, 2:40 Rounder

Second Set

John Doyle & Mick McAuley, “Life upon the Ocean,” John Doyle & Mick McAuley, 3:52 (self-produced)

The Gaulway Ramblers, “Trois Matelots / An Dro,” The Gaulway Ramblers, 3:58

Mary Beth Carty, “Voila le Printemps,” Crossing the Causeway, 3:57 (self-produced)

Midway Music

Laura Risk, “Stephane Landry et les Freres Pigeon,” Traverse, 4:15

Third Set

Two Runner, “Red Runrise,” Modern Cowboy, 4:00 (self-produced)

The Ashley Davis Band, “Davey Jones,” When the Stars Went Out, 4:46 Daisy Ring Music

Rufus Wainwright, “Harvest,” Folkocracy, 3:00 BMG

Brittany & Natalie Haas, “Harvelandsvalsen / Potatis Valsen,” Haas, 2:36 Padiddle Records

Fourth Set

The Ashley Davis Band, “When He Loved Her Too,” When the Stars Went Out, 4:15 Daisy Ring Music

Open Road, “Lay My Burden Down,” Skylark, 4:53 Delfina Records

The OK Factor, “Imaginary Friend,” OKX, 3:53 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 22, 2023
Hour 2: More New and Recent Releases

First Set

Pete Morton, “Universal Basic Income,” A Golden Thread, 3:35 (self-produced)

Karan Casey, “I Live in a Country,” Nine Apples of Gold, 4:14 Crow Valley Music

James Keelaghan, “Walk On,” Second-Hand, 3:09 Borealis

Rufus Wainwright, “Going to a Town,” Folkocracy, 4:16 BMG

Second Set

Open Road, “No Hiding Place,” Skylark, 4:22 Delfina Records

Rissi Palmer, “Seeds,” Revival, 3:48 (self-produced)

Third Set

Bruce Cockburn, “To Keep the World We Know,” O Sun O Moon, 3:30 True North Records

Rufus Wainwright, “Alone,” Folkocracy, 3:30 BMG

Sarah McQuaid, “If We Dig Any Deeper, It Could Get Dangerous,” The St. Buryan Sessions, 3:55 Shovel and a Spade Records

Cinder Well, “Gone the Holding,” Cadence, 4:26 Free Dirt Records

Fourth Set

Katie Dahl, “Temperance River,” Seven Stones, 4:51 (self-produced)

Darryl Purpose, “Song of Crows,” Two Good Hands, 5:27 (self-produced)

Rufus Wainwright & John Legend, “Heading for Home,” Folkocracy, 4:21 BMG