San Francisco Free Folk Festival Preview

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 24, 2023
Preview of the San Francisco Free Folk Festival

The Corn Likkers

  1. “Mike in the Wilderness”
  2. “Lady on the Green”
  3. “When Sorrows Encompass Me Round”
  4. “Train 45”
  5. “Tipping Back the Corn”
  6. “John Brown’s Dream”

Yes M’am! (pre-recorded 26:37)

  1. Margaret Miles, “Words of Chief Seattle,” Candle in the Dark, 5:46 (self-produced)
  2. “Be Who You Are”
  3. “Long Ride Home”
  4. “Everything Is Under Control”
  5. Margaret Miles, “Morgan Magan,” Evergreens and Golden Oaks, 3:30 (self-produced)

Brass Farthing

  1. “Glorious Beer”
  2. “I Love You More Than Beer”
  3. “Soldiers Three”
  4. “To Anacreon in Heaven”
  5. “Magpie”
  6. Brass Farthing, “The Ballad of Davy Jones,” Plug Nickel, 2:06

New Set

Black Brothers, “Grace O’Malley,” Glackanacker, 2:53 (self-produced)

Lisa Dilks, “See You Soon” 3:36

Valerie Price & Steve Baughman, “A Walkin’ I Will Go,” The Owner’s Daughter, 4:39

Amelia Hogan, “The Old Churchyard,” Taking Flight, 4:28