New and Recent Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 15, 2023
Hour 1: New and Recent Releases

First Set

Téada & Séamus Begley, “The Snowy Breasted Pearl,” As the Days Brighten, 4:25 Gael-Linn

Còig, “O Luaidh,” Ashlar, 3:56 (self-produced)

Jim & Susie Malcolm, “The Final Trawl,” Auld Toon Shuffle, 4:16 Beltane Records

Martin Hayes & The Common Ground Ensemble, “Strawberry Blossom,” Peggy’s Dream, 4:50 251 Records

Second Set

Amelia Hogan, “Taking Flight,” Taking Flight, 2:11 (self-produced)

Còig, “Uncle Leo’s Jig,” Ashlar, 4:09 (self-produced)

The OK Factor, “Love Song for Lucy,” OKX, 3:34 (self-produced)

Third Set

Dreamers’ Circus, “When All This Is Over,” Blue White Gold, 4:35 Vertical Records

Lyre Lyre, “Sam’s Chicken,” Gin and Strathspey, 2:59 (self-produced)

Midway Music

John Doyle & Mick McAuley, “Imogen’s Waltz / Petie Mack’s / The Black and Amber,” John Doyle & Mick McAuley, 5:20 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Mighty Poplar, “Up on the Divide,” Mighty Poplar, 3:20 free dirt

Mr. Sun, “The Fiddler of Dooney,” Extrovert, 4:56 Compass

Lissa Schneckenburger, “Falling Forward,” Falling Forward, 3:44 Footprint Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 15, 2023
Hour 2: More New Releases and Wayne Shorter Tribute

First Set

Abigail Lapell, “Ships,” Stolen Time, 3:44 outside music

Ashley Davis & Tim O’Brien, “The Day Cloud (How Will I Live Out My Days),” When the Stars Went Out, 2:55 (self-produced)

Sierra Ferrell, “Years,” Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson, 2:59 Easy Eye Sound/Concord

Jonathan Edwards, “Burn It All,” Right Where I Am, 3:55 Rising Records 207

(maybe) Tim Ball, “Chorus Jig and Opera Reel,” Upstate Crossroads, 3:27 Tim Ball/Irelandville Records

Second Set

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, “Moonshine Run,” Living in a Song, 2:45 Compass

Jared Rabin, “Tunnel’s End,” Chasing the Light, 3:10 Golden Twine Music

The Burnt Pines, “Diamonds,” The Burnt Pines, 3:38 (self-produced)

Dreamers’ Circus, “Waltz for Miyazaki,” Blue White Gold, 2:57 Vertical Records

Mr. Sun, “The Traveller’s Prayer,” Extrovert, 4:56 Compass

Third Set

Wayne Shorter, “Beauty and the Beast,” Native Dancer, 5:00 CBS Records

Joni Mitchell, “Moon at the Window,” Wild Things Run Fast, 3:40 Geffen Records


Wayne Shorter, “Mah Jong,” JuJu, 7:36 Blue Note