Happy 80th Birthday, Peter Rowan!

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 19, 2022
Happy 80th Birthday, Peter Rowan!

  1. Old & in the Way, “Panama Red,” Breakdown, 2:41 Acoustic Disc
  2. Peter Rowan, “Wild Geese Cry Again,” Bluegrass Boy, 3:52 Sugar Hill
  3. Peter Rowan & The Nashville Bluegrass Band, “That High Lonesome Sound,” New Moon Rising, 3:08 Sugar Hill
  4. Earth Opera, “The Red Sox Are Winning,” Earth Opera, 3:30 Elektra Records
  5. Old & in the Way, “Old & in the Way,” Old & in the Way, 3:00 Round Records/Acoustic Disc
  6. Old & in the Way, “Midnight Moonlight,” Breakdown, 5:16 Acoustic Disc
  7. Old & in the Way, “Land of the Navajo,” Old & in the Way, 6:19 Round Records/Acoustic Disc
  8. The Rowans, “Soldiers of the Cross,” Sibling Rivalry, 4:44 Elektra Records
  9. The Rowans, “I’ll Be There,” Tree on a Hill, 2:35 Sugar Hill
  10. Peter Rowan, “The Free Mexican Airforce,” Peter Rowan, 6:00
  11. Peter Rowan, “Dust Bowl Children,” Dust Bowl Children, 3:50 Sugar Hill
  12. Peter Rowan, “Tumbleweed,” Dust Bowl Children, 4:18 Sugar Hill
  13. Peter Rowan, “Wings of Horses,” Dust Bowl Children, 3:15 Sugar Hill
  14. Peter Rowan, “Vulture Peak,” Dharma Blues, 3:22 Omnivore Recordings
  15. Peter Rowan, “Raven,” Dharma Blues, 3:10 Omnivore Recordings
  16. Peter Rowan, “Dharma Blues,” Dharma Blues, 4:40 Omnivore Recordings
  17. Peter Rowan, “Winning Hand,” Calling You from My Mountain, 4:08 Rebel Records
  18. Yungchen Lhamo, “Someday,” Ama, 3:37 RealWorld Records
  19. Peter Rowan, “From My Mountain (Calling You),” Calling You from My Mountain, 4:52 Rebel Records
  20. Peter Rowan, “River of Time,” Dharma Blues, 3:30 Omnivore Recordings