Recent Singer-Songwriter Releases from the West Coast

On May 21, 2022, we offered some fresh favorites.

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Brian Cutean Welcome to the Celebration OsculEAriosophy (Burnttoothbrush)
Gone Gone Beyond You Can’t Go Wrong Things Are Changing (s/p)
MaMuse, feat. Claudia Cuentas Remember Force of Nature (MaMuse)
New Set
Laura Love Et Tu Brute She Loved Red (CD Baby)
Rupa and the April Fishes Frontline Growing Upward (Electric Gumbo Radio Music)
Alice DiMicele Dispatch Every Seed We Plant (Alice Otter Music)
New Set
Brian Cutean Ee-pha-meera Bleu OsculEAriosophy (Burnttoothbrush)
Lakshmi Devi (Lakshmi DelSesto) A Call to the Ancestors Raise a Holy Fire (Mandira Arts)
Misner & Smith Threadbare Rough Cuts for Rough Times (s/p)
The Feelings Parade The Tides single (s/p)
New Set
Ayla Nereo Cotton & Sage single (Jumpsuit)
Gone Gone Beyond Little Moon 2030 (s/p)
(faded under outro) Stanley Greenthal The Sleeping Tune First Song (Madrona Ring)