CCE North American Convention

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 9, 2022
The CCE North American 2022 Convention April 21–24

  1. John Whelan, “January’s Journey / DD’s Car,” Flirting with the Edge, 3:09 Narada
  2. Darcy Noonan, “The Keys to the Convent / The Leg of the Duck / Baltimore Salute” (live fiddle tune)
  3. Darcy Noonan, “Spike Island Lasses / Steeple Chase” (live fiddle tune)
  4. Laurence Nugent, “Dans en Dro,” Two for Two, 3:19 Shanachie
  5. The Gas Men, “The Knotted Cord / Sheehan’s,” Clement Street. 3:31 (self-produced)
  6. Cormac Gannon, “Tipping It Up to Nancy,” Different, 2:26 (self-produced)
  7. Marla Fibish, “Ashes of Paradise,” The Bright Hollow Fog, 3:19 (self-produced)
  8. Noctambule, “Cecily’s Waltz,” Every Migrant Is My Fellow, 3:36 (self-produced)