British Folk’s Next Generation

Folk Music & Beyond for March 26, 2022
British Folk’s Next Generation

First Set

Sam Lee, “Awake Awake Sweet England” (recorded at Stonehenge) 1:20

Karine Polwart + Lau, “Midnight Feast,” Evergreen, 3:43 Hegri Music / LAU Scotland

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, “Huldra,” Hidden People, 3:20 Navigator Records

Jon Spiers & Jon Boden, “Rochdale Coconut Dance,” The Works, 3:42 Navigator Records

Second Set

Seth Lakeman, “Watch Out,” Pilgrim’s Tale, 1:50 BMG Music

Fay Hield, “Hare Spell,” Wrackline, 3:15 Topic Records

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, “Willow Tree,” 2., 3:08 I Scream Music

Bella Hardy, “Down in Yon Forest,” Night Visiting, 3:28 Noe Records

Olivia Chaney & the Decemberists, “Old Churchyard,” Offa Rex, 4:07 Nonesuch

Eliza Carthy, “Haddock & Chips,” Red Rice, 2:44 Topic

Third Set

Billy Bragg, “England: Half-English Meets John Barleycorn,” The Imagined Village, 2:51 RealWorld

Susheela Raman, “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Tomorrow Never Knows / Love You To, 3:50 (self-produced)

Sheila Chandra, “The Welcome Sailor,” The Imagined Village, 5:45 RealWorld

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita, “Yama Ba,” Soar, 5:35 ARC Music

Fourth Set

Olivia Chaney, “Roman Holiday,” Shelter, 4:13 Nonesuch

Aidan O’Rourke, “Nobody could be one hundred percent sure about the last tiger,” 365: Volume I, 2:41 Reveal Records