Music & Conversation with Janis Ian

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 26, 2022
Music & Conversation with Janis Ian (1996 encore broadcast)

  1. “When the Party’s Over,” Between the Lines, 2:55 Columbia Records
  2. “This Train Still Runs,” Breaking Silence, 4:04 Morgan Creek Music
  3. “Society’s Child,” Janis Ian, 3:08 Verve/Forecast
  4. “This House,” Breaking Silence, 5:05 Morgan Creek Music
  5. “At Seventeen,” Between the Lines, 4:41 Columbia Records
  6. “Breaking Silence,” Breaking Silence, 3:10 Morgan Creek Music
  7. “Tattoo,” Breaking Silence, 4:20 Morgan Creek Music
  8. “His Hands,” Breaking Silence, 5:18 Morgan Creek Music
  9. “Ride Me like a Wave,” Breaking Silence, 3:41 Morgan Creek Music
  10. “When the Silence Falls,” Revenge, 2:30 Beacon Records
  11. “Marching to Glasgow” excerpt, Billie’s Bones, Cooking Vinyl

Janis Ian’s Last Bow

  1. “My Autobiography,” Folk Is the New Black, 2:49 Cooking Vinyl / Rude Girl Records
  2. Pete Seeger & Bernice Reagon, “Michael Row the Boat,” Pete Seeger Now, 2:30 Columbia
  3. “God & the FBI,” God & the FBI, 4:10 Windham Hill
  4. “Stars,” Stars, 7:08 CBS Records
  5. “Love Is Blind,” Aftertones, 2:12 CBS Records
  6. “Arms Around My Life,” The Essential Janis Ian, 3:15 Columbia
  7. “All Roads to the River,” Breaking Silence, 3:05 Morgan Creek Music
  8. “Searching for America,” Hunger, 8:23 Windham Hill
  9. “I’m Still Standing,” The Light at the End of the Line, 3:12 Rude Girl Records
  10. “The Light at the End of the Line,” The Light at the End of the Line, 2:50 Rude Girl Records