Night Visiting Songs

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 12, 2022
Night Visiting Songs

First Set

Full English, “Awake Awake,” The Full English, 3:11 Topic

Bella Hardy, “Three Black Feathers,” Night Visiting, 3:55 NOE Records

Solas, “The Silver Dagger,” Waiting for an Echo, 4:27 Shanachie

Second Set

The Voice Squad, “The Cocks Are Crowing,” Good People All, 4:10 Shanachie

Solas, “The Night Visit,” Waiting for an Echo, 5:29 Shanachie

June Tabor, “Fair Margaret and Sweet William,” An Echo of Hooves, 5:42 Topic

Third Set

Eliza Carthy & Waterson:Carthy, “The Grey Cock,” Waterson:Carthy, 3:59 Topic

Mr Fox, “The Gay Goshawk,” Mr Fox, 3:19 Transatlantic/Castle

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, “Jacky Tar,” Straws in the Wind, 4:21 Topic

Fourth Set

Planxty, “Cold Blow and the Rainy Night,” Cold Blow and the Rainy Night, 2:39 Shanachie

Great Big Sea, “I’m a Rover,” Turn, 2:52 Sire Records

Solas, “The Hanover Reel / John James Reel / The Copperplate,” Waiting for an Echo, 5:01 Shanachie


Paul Brady, “The Creel,” Welcome Here Kind Stranger, 5:20 Mulligan

Andy Cutting, “Edges,” Andy Cutting, 6:10 Lone Records