Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 15, 2022

First Set

Sandy Denny, “Who Knows Where the Time Goes,” Unhalfbricking, 5:00 Island

Bert Jansch, “January Man,” Moonshine, 3:30 Jansch Records

Nikki Matheson, “Patchwork,” Invisible Angel, 4:00 (self-produced)

Claudia Schmidt, “Jane’s A-Round,” New Whirled Order, 1:35 Red House Records

Second Set

Joni Mitchell, “Chinese Café,” Wild Things Run Fast, 5:12 Geffen Records

Bert Jansch, “The Black Swan,” The Black Swan, 6:20 Drag City

Third Set

James Taylor, “Before This World / Jolly Springtime,” Before This World, 5:30 Concord Music

Mipso, “Never Knew You Were Gone,” Mipso, 4:35 Rounder

Fourth Set

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, “When I Go,” When I Go, 4:14 (self-produced)

Zoe Mulford, “The Earth and the Sky,” Roadside Saints, 3:28 (self-produced)

Terri Hendrix, “The Dark,” This One’s for Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark, 3:48 Icehouse Music


Si Kahn, “Gone, Gonna Rise Again,” In My Heart: A Retrospective, 2:58 Rounder