Tribute to Paddy Moloney & The Chieftains

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 6, 2021
Tribute to Paddy Moloney & The Chieftains

  1. The Chieftains, “The Morning Dew,” The Wide World Over, 2:58 RCA Victor/BMG
  2. The Chieftains, “O’Sullivan’s March,” Best of The Chieftains, 4:00 Claddagh Records/Columbia Legacy
  3. The Chieftains, “Live from Matt Malloy’s Pub,” The Wide World Over, 2:22 RCA Victor/BMG
  4. The Rolling Stones, “Party Doll” (excerpt), Primitive Cool, Columbia
  5. The Chieftains & The RTE Orchestra, “Planxty Mozart,” 4:57 (live 1987)
  6. The Chieftains, “The Walls of Liscarroll,” The Chieftains 1, 2:31 Claddagh/Island Records
  7. The Chieftains, “The Lark on the Strand,” The Chieftains 1, 2:00, Claddagh/Island Records
  8. The Chieftains, “The Tip of the Whistle,” The Chieftains 4, 2:52 Shanachie Records
  9. The Chieftains, “O’Carolan’s Concerto,” The Wide World Over, 3:02 RCA Victor/BMG
  10. The Chieftains, “The French March,” The Year of the French, 4:50 Shanachie
  11. The Chieftains, “Horses of Ireland,” The Year of the Horse, 4:05 Shanachie
  12. The Chieftains, “O’Carolan’s Farewell,” The Chieftains Live, 2:25 Shanachie
  13. The Chieftains, “Morgan Magen,” The Chieftains 4, 2:48 Shanachie
  14. The Chieftains, “Full of Joy,” The Chieftains in China, 3:24 Shanachie
  15. The Chieftains, “A Wind from the South,” The Chieftains in China, 3:23 Shanachie
  16. The Chieftains, “China to Hong Kong,” The Chieftains in China, 4:20 Shanachie
  17. Van Morrison & The Chieftains, “Marie’s Wedding,” Irish Heartbeat, 3:17 Mercury/PolyGram Records
  18. Van Morrison & The Chieftains, “Star of the County Down,” Irish Heartbeat, 2:41 Mercury/PolyGram Records
  19. The Voice Squad & The Chieftains, “The Farewell: The Piper Through the Meadow Strayes and This Is the Season to Be Merry,” Bells of Dublin, 2:07 RCA Victor/BMG
  20. Elvis Costello & The Chieftains, “St. Stephen’s Day Murders,” Bells of Dublin, 3:22 RCA Victor/BMG
  21. The Chieftains, “The Bells of Dublin,” Bells of Dublin, 3:04 RCA Victor/BMG
  22. The Renaissance Singers & The Chieftains, “Past 3 O’Clock,” Bells of Dublin, 2:08 RCA Victor/BMG
  23. Marianne Faithfull & The Chieftains, “I Saw Three Ships,” Bells of Dublin, 2:45 RCA Victor/BMG