Music from Native America

On October 16, 2021, we shared some music a bit late for Indigenous People’s Day.

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Joy Harjo Opening Song for the Maker; Rabbit Is Up to Tricks Winding Through the Milky Way (CD Baby)
Robert Mirabal, feat. Laura Satterfield Dream of You Indians Indians (Silver Wave)
Ulali Friend in Need Mahk Jchi (Corn Beans & Squash Music)
New Set
Jack Gladstone Remembering Private Charlo Native Anthropology (Hawkstone)
Robert Mirabal Theo’s Dream Indians Indians (Silver Wave)
Chenoa Egawa & Alex Turtle The Water Song (online)
New Set
Louie Gonnie Dookooslii Sacred Mountain (Canyon)
Joy Harjo Witchi Tai To Winding Through the Milky Way (CD Baby)
Mary Youngblood Feed the Fire; Search for Warmth Feed the Fire (Silver Wave)