Poetry and Music for Fall 2021

On October 2, 2021, we featured some poetry and musical settings of poetry from various cultures.

On that day only we got a second hour. We were filling in for Kevin at 4, since he took on two hours of fundraising the week before.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Federico García Lorca y La Argentinita Zorongo Gitano Colleción de Canciones Populares Españoles (Sonifolk)
Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band Las Morillas de Jaen (Federico García Lorca) Anda Jaleo / Perlas (Fire)
Marta Gómez Cancioncilla de Primer Deseo (Federico García Lorca) El Corazón y el Sombrero (Aluna)
New Set
Joan Baez Casida of the Lament (Federico García Lorca) Baptism (Vanguard)
Sílvia Pérez Cruz y Pájaro Pequeño Vals Vienés (Federico García Lorca) (online)
Leonard Cohen Take This Waltz The Essential Leonard Cohen (Legacy)
Oliver Rajamani & Colm Ó Riain Llorar (Federico García Lorca) Bridge Across the Blue (Word & Violin)
New Set
Sara Derhami Where Is the Friend’s House? (Khaneh-ye Dust Kojast?) (Sohrab Sepehri) (online)
Simin Azarmehr Beyond the Seas (Posht-e Daryaha) (Sohrab Sepehri) (online)
Mamak Khadem From Green to Green (Az Sabz be Sabz) (Sohrab Sepehri) A Window to Color (s/p)
Ahmad Shamlu & Mohammad Reza Shajarian Where’s the Use of Our Coming and Going? (Az Amadan o Raftan-e Ma Sudi Ku?) (Omar Khayyam) Roba’iyat-e Khayyam (Mahour Cultural Artistic Institute)
Mamak Khadem Water (Ab) (Sohrab Sepehri) A Window to Color (s/p)
New Set
Mary Oliver Wild Geese single (Live Learn Evolve)
Jami Sieber & Kim Rosen In Impossible Darkness (Kim Rosen) Only Breath (Out Front Music)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Seamus Heaney The Yellow Bittern (Cathal Bui Mac Giolla Ghunna, Thomas MacDonagh) The Poet and the Piper (Claddagh)
Liam O’Flynn The Yellow Bittern / The Broken Pledge The Poet and the Piper (Claddagh)
Jay Ansill, feat. Richard Shindell A Lover Since Childhood (Robert Graves) A Lost World (BCN)
New Set
Maria del Mar Bonet El Pais Secret (Robert Graves) Terra Secreta (PICAP)
Susan McKeown The Nameless One (James Clarence Mangan) Singing in the Dark (Hibernian Music)
Faun, feat. Sonja Drakulich The Pearl (James Clarence Mangan) (online)
New Set
Seán Tyrrell Stolen Child (W.B. Yeats) Belladonna (Longwalk Music)
Moira Smiley and VOCO Wiseman In Our Voices (s/p)
Anne Hills & Jay Ansill When You Are Old (W.B. Yeats) Fragile Gifts (Head & Heart Music)
June Tabor The Old Man’s Song (Don Quixote) Aqaba (Topic)
Shusha Like the Snow (François Villon / Sydney Carter) Lovely in the Dances (Songs of Sydney Carter) (Osmosys)
New Set
Peter Pendragon Moore Ravensbread Rimes of Passion (s/p)
Jane Yolen & 3 Ravens Another Way to Tell / Morning Song The Infinite Dark (s/p)
David Olney Mister Vermeer Sweet Poison (CD Baby)
Peter Pendragon Moore Negative Positive Rimes of Passion (s/p)