Tribute to Grace Griffith; Tribute to Tony Rice

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 3, 2021
Hour 1: Tribute to Grace Griffith

First Set

Grace Griffith, “May You Never,” Minstrel Song, 3:23 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Wondering Where the Lions Are,” Sailing, 4:56 Blix Street

Second Set

Grace Griffith, “Feel So Near,” Minstrel Song, 4:19 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Loud Are the Bells of Norwich,” Passing Through, 2:46 Blix Street

Connemara, “Siren Song,” Siren Song, 3:30 Blix Street

Third Set

Grace Griffith, “Woodthrush’s Song,” Passing Through, 3:00 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Kind Friends and Companions,” Minstrel Song, 2:17 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Quiet Land / Innisfree,” Every Hue and Shade, 5:14 Blix Street

Connemara, “Dialogue with a Brook,” Siren Song, 3:22 Blix Street

Fourth Set

Grace Griffith, “Water, Fire, and Smoke,” Every Hue and Shade, 5:27 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “My Life,” Sailing, 3:02 Blix Street

Fifth Set

Grace Griffith, “The Leaves of Autumn,” Passing Through, 1:51 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Hold Me Forever,” Every Hue and Shade, 3:27 Blix Street

Grace Griffith, “Deep in the Darkest Night,” Passing Through, 4:04 Blix Street


Grace Griffith, “Sailing / Ships Are Sailing,” Sailing, 3:57 Blix Street

Connemara, “Silent Star,” Siren Song, 0:55 Blix Street

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 3, 2021
Hour 2: Tribute to Tony Rice

First Set

Tony Rice, “Cold on the Shoulder,” Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot, 2:34 Rounder

Darol Anger & Tony Rice, “Old Grey Coat,” Fiddlistics, 5:20 Kaleidoscope

The Rice Brothers, “Walk On Boy,” 2, 3:13 Rounder

Second Set

Tony Rice, “Go My Way,” Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot, 2:48 Rounder

Tony Rice, “Bitter Green,” Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot, 2:43 Rounder

The Rice Brothers, “Bill Cheatham,” The Rice Brothers, 2:09 Rounder

Darol Anger, “Ride the Wild Turkey,” Fiddlistics, 2:50 Kaleidoscope

Third Set

David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, & Tony Rice, “Shady Grove,” The Pizza Tapes, 4:46 Acoustic Disc

Emmylou Harris, “Wayfaring Stranger,” (released as a single), 3:24 Warner Bros.

The David Grisman Quintet, “Swing 51,” The David Grisman Quintet, 4:25 Kaleidoscope Records

Fourth Set

Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pedersen, “Only Passing Through,” Out of the Woodwork, 3:55 Rounder

Tony Rice, “Whispers of the North,” Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot, 4:17 Rounder

Tony Rice & David Grisman, “Wildwood Flower,” Tone Poems, 2:47 Acoustic Disc