O Canada! Music from Canada

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 20, 2021
A Rebroadcast of Our Program from September 26, 2020
Hour 1: O Canada!

First Set

The Rankins, “O Tho Mo Phuil Buit,” Uprooted, 2:54 EMI

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, “Hoireann o Rathill iu,” Seinn, 4:26 (self-produced)

Natalie MacMaster & Darol Anger, “Melt the Teakettle,” Diary of a Fiddler, 5:17 Compass

Second Set

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, “Le Petite Annonce Amoreuse,” La Vache Qui Pleure, 3:57 tribu

Vishtèn, “Coeur en Mer,” Terre Rouge, 3:43 (self-produced)

The Rankins, “Weddings, Wakes, and Funerals,” Uprooted, 4:50 EMI

Natalie MacMaster with Cookie Rankin, “The Drunken Piper,” No Boundaries, 4:13 Rounder

Third Set

Hart-Rouge, “Vichtèn,” Beaupre’s Home, 1:28 Red House Records

Vishtèn, “Vichtèn,” Vishtèn, 4:05 (self-produced)

Genticorum, “Le Brandy Culotte,” La Bibournoise, 5:52 Mad Rover Records

Midway Music Originally Under Announcements

April Verch, “The Newpart,” The April Verch Anthology, 3:21 Slab Town Records

Fourth Set

Nathan Rogers, “Kill Your TV,” True Stories, 5:13 Halfway Cove Music

Loreena McKennitt, “Between the Shadows,” The Visit, 3:38 Warner Bros./Quinlan Road

Le Bruit Court Dans la Ville, “Grosse Roche,” Les Vents Qui Vents (The Winds That Whirl), 2:14 (self-produced)

Ad Vielle Que Pourra, “Un Cosaque a Paris,” Come What May, 1:51 Green Linnet

James Keelaghan, “Lazarus,” A Recent Future, 3:52 Green Linnet

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 20, 2021
Hour 2: More Canadian Music

First Set

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, “Heart like a Wheel,” Kate & Anna McGarrigle, 3:00 Warner Bros.

Stan Rogers, “Half a Heart,” From Fresh Water, 3:09 Fogarty’s Cove Music

David Francey, “The Waking Hour,” The Waking Hour, 3:44 Red House Records

Second Set

Matthew Byrne, “Long Years Ago,” Horizon Lines, 4:00 (self-produced)

Stan Rogers, “The Nancy,” From Fresh Water, 3:59 Fogarty’s Cove Music

Le Vent du Nord, “Toujours Amant,” Tromper le Temps, 3:30 Borealis Records

Third Set

Matthew Byrne, “Go to Sea No More,” Horizon Lines, 4:26 (self-produced)

The Small Glories, “Alberta,” Assinboine & The Red, 4:34 Red House Records

Dave Gunning, “I Robbed the Company Store,” Lift, 3:45 (self-produced)

Madison Violet, “No Fool for Trying,” No Fool for Trying, 3:10 True North / High Romance Music

Fourth Set

The Wailin’ Jennys, “Glory Bound,” Firecracker, 4:21 Red House Records

Matthew Byrne, “Wedding Waltz,” Horizon Lines, 4:36 (self-produced)