New Discoveries and Emerging Voices

The program for January 9, 2021, focused on some expressive talents that have come forward in the last few years.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Adaya New Land New Land (In Between Stars)
Luna Santa Bruja Mujer Medicina, Vol. 1 (Luna Santa)
Freedom Café Madrecita Curandera Rezos (Freedom Café)
New Set
Cristina Pato Rosiña Migrations (Sunnyside)
Izaro Zuri Begira Eason (s/p)
Anat Cohen and Marcello Gonçalves Odudua Outra Coisa (Anzic)
New Set
Ayla Schafer Rose Silent Voices (Ayla Schafer)
Xavier Rudd Best That I Can Storm Boy (Nettwerk)
MaMuse Howl Strange and Wonderful (CD Baby)
New Set
Nessi Gomes Black Angel Live in Toronto (Baraka)
Johanna Warren Hole in the Wall Chaotic Good (Wax Nine / Carpark)
Satsang, feat. Nahko Between Pyramid(s) (Rootfire Collective)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Lyla June Johnston (unidentified song) Regeneration talk (online)
  Mamwlad The People’s Knowledge (s/p)
Adaya No Countries New Land (In Between Stars)
Xavier Rudd Walk Away Storm Boy (Nettwerk)
Forestt Come with Me Into the Woods (Kame’a)
New Set
Luna Santa Una con la Tierra Mujer Medicina, Vol. 1 (Luna Santa)
Jesús Hidalgo, feat. Paloma Devi Prophecy of Love Yo Camino lo que Canto (Pachamama Project Foundation)
Minük Cantarina (Voz de las Montañas) Aurora (s/p)
Nicolas Losada Rojas El Cóndor Pasa (single)
New Set
The Feelings Parade Wild Raging Rivers (Learn to Swim) (online)
Rising Appalachia Harmonize Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
Ayla Nereo Wide Winter’s Night (Sound Your Name) (single)