Full Moon on Halloween

The moon on October 31, 2020, was also a blue moon, and a hunter’s moon.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Sílvia Pérez Cruz Tonada de Luna Llena Festival les Suds (live concert)
Judy Frankel Alta, Alta Va la Luna Sephardic Songs of Love and Hope (s/p)
Ana Alcaide Como la Luna y el Sol Como la Luna y el Sol (Arc Music)
New Set
Christy Moore The Reel in the Flickering Light Magic Nights (Sony)
Áine Minogue Fill It to the Brim Circle of the Sun (RCA/BMG)
Tina Malia Full Moon Dance Shores of Avalon (s/p)
Faun Ynis Avalach Eden (Heart of Berlin)
New Set
Sally Oldfield Night of the Hunter’s Moon Water Bearer (Castle Music)
Gay and Terry Woods Full Moon Tender Hooks (Cooking Vinyl)
Robert Mirabal Skinwalker’s Moon Music from a Painted Cave (Silver Wave)
Gaia Consort Drawing Down the Moon Evolve (Suddenly Naked Arts Collective)
Trobar de Morte Talismán Beyond the Woods: The Acoustic Songs (Trobar de Morte)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Lou Rhodes Full Moon The Yes and I (Nude)
Ajeet Kaur Dance of the Moon (single)
Linda Waterfall Drawing Down the Moon In the Presence of the Light (Trout)
Barely Lace Mother of Pearl Barely Lace (s/p)
New Set
Jay Ansill with Anne Hills Full Moon A Lost World (BCN)
Pamela Wyn Shannon Pipkin Courting Autumn (Girlhenge)
Caswell Carnahan The Borderlands Borderlands (Post Trad Productions)
Malinky King Orfeo The Unseen Hours (Greentrax)
New Set
Mohammad Reza Shajarian Be Yad Dari Mah-e Man Khazan (Caltex)
Mamak Khadem Little Gem The Road (Innova)
Savina Yannatou With the Moon I’m Walking Terra Nostra (ECM)
New Set
Priscilla Herdman The Moon’s Song Into the Stars (Stardreamer Music)
Greg Brown Ring Around the Moon Solid Heart (In Harmony)
Nanci Griffith Once in a Very Blue Moon Once in a Very Blue Moon (Philo)