Some Fresh Favorites for 2019

Our program for December 28, 2019, offered some of one host’s fresh discoveries and other picks for the year.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Usher’s Island Bean Pháidín Usher’s Island (Compass)
Liz Carroll / Jake Charron The Bird / The Greek Petunia Half Day Road (s/p)
String Sisters The Crow’s Visit Between Wind and Water (s/p)
New Set
Cristina Pato Jota de Pontevedra Migrations (Sunnyside)
Ímar White Strand Avalanche (Big Mann)
New Set
Diana Carr Shepherds of the Dawn Lucid Luv (LuvAmp Project)
Trevor Hall Great Mirror Chapter of the Forest (Vanguard)
New Set
Satsang I Am The Story of You (Satsang Movement)
Useful Jenkins & Big Zach Speak single (Front Porch Productions)
Wookiefoot, feat. Maya Elena The Road You’re It! (Wookiefoot)
New Set
Still on the Hill Gone Gone Gone Live (Termite Tracs)
Lola Marsh Stranger to My Past Balcony TV (online)
Maya Elena Learn to Swim Igiene (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Alexia Chellun Dark Rum Who Am I? (s/p)
Laura Love Better Than That She Loved Red (Laura Love)
Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi Trees on the Mountains There Is No Other (Nonesuch)
MaMuse Howl Strange and Wonderful (MaMuse)
New Set
Ram Dass Dissolving the Fear, Finding Your Own Beauty (online)
Forestt In Your Arms Sofar Tel Aviv (online)
Lior Tsarfaty Only Breath ...& the Prayer Songs Project (Lior Tsarfaty)
Orot So It Goes (online)
New Set
In Gowan Ring Winter Flowers Moonlit Missive #25 (online)
Wild Honey (Peia Luzzi, Megan Danforth, Cyrise Schachter) Parting Glass Wild Honey (s/p)
Johnny Cunningham & Susan McKeown with Aidan Brennan Auld Lang Syne A Winter Talisman (Sheila-na-Gig Music)