Sea Songs, Chanteys, and Ballads

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 23. 2019
Hour 1: Sea Songs and Chanteys

First Set

The Black Family, “Alabama John Cherokee,” Time for Touching Home, 2:07 Dara

The Johnson Girls, “Roll Boys Roll,” On the Rocks, 2:05 Folk-Legacy Records

Brass Farthing, “Bonnie Ship the Diamond,” Plug Nickel, 2:26 (self-produced)

Second Set

The Barbary Ghosts, “Hog Eye Man,” The Ghost of the William Grey, 1:50 (self-produced)

Peter Kasin & Richard Adrianowicz, “Ten Stone,” Boldly from the Westward, 2:01 Handspikes Music

The Johnson Girls, “Rolling Down the River,” Fire Down Below, 2:57 (self-produced)

Third Set

Tom Goux & Jacek Sulanowski, “The Girls Around Cape Horn,” Classic Maritime Music, 2:18 Smithsonian/Folkways

The Full English (Ben Nicholls), “Rounding the Horn,” The Full English, 4:26 Topic

The Johnson Girls, “Round the Corn,” On the Rocks, 2:11 (self-produced)

Midway Music

Fairport Convention, “Portmeirion,” Expletive Delighted! 5:18 Woodworm Records

Fourth Set

Fairport Convention, “Sir Patrick Spens,” Fairport Unconventional, 3:40 Free Reed Music

Seth Lakeman, “Lady of the Sea,” Freedom Fields, 2:53 Relentless/EMI

Fairport Convention, “Innstuck,” Expletive Delighted! 2:05 Woodworm Records

Kris Drever, “Patrick Spence,” Black Water, 3:45 Compass

Fifth Set

John Doyle, “North Sea Holes,” Evening Comes Early, 2:30 Shanachie

The Finest Kind, “A Sailor’s Life,” Heart’s Delight, 2:34 Fallen Angel Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 23, 2019
Hour 2: Sea Ballads

First Set

Kris Drever, “Braw Sailin’ on the Sea,” Black Water, 4:04 Compass

Fairport Convention, “Frozen Man,” Old New Borrowed Blue, 4:20 Woodworm / Green Linnet

Micheal O’Domhnaill & Kevin Burke, “Lord Franklin,” Promenade, 3:46 Green Linnet

Aly Bain & Ale Möller, “The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry,” Fully Rigged, 2:25

Second Set

Archie Fisher, “Windward Away,” Windward Away, 3:33 Red House Records

Cindy Kallet, “Three-Masted Schooner,” Working on Wings to Fly, 3:00 Folk-Legacy

Dougie MacLean, “Seventh Sea,” Inside the Thunder, 5:25 Dunkeld

Third Set

Erin Corday, “Painter’s Eye,” Secret about the World, 3:54 Waterbug

Oliver the Crow, “Sailing with the Tide,” Oliver the Crow, 4:00 (self-produced)

Väsen, “Nitti Pomfritti,” Whirled, 7:18 Northside

Fourth Set

Dougie MacLean, “Seanair’s Song,” Craigie Dhu, 4:20 Dunkeld

Stan Rogers, “Three Fishers,” For the Family, 3:48 Valerie Enterprises

Archie Fisher, “The Final Trawl,” Windward Away, 3:35 Red House Records


June Tabor, “The Water Is Wide,” A Quiet Eye, 7:10 Green Linnet/Topic