Folk Surrealists and Music of Dreams

The program for November 2, 2019, offered some outside perspectives on folk and singer-songwriter music.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Marian McLaughlin Even Magic Falters Spirit House (s/p)
Dick Gaughan Scarecrow Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson (Topic)
Bert Jansch Nottamun Town Bert Jansch / Jack Orion (Transatlantic/Demon)
New Set
Steve Tilston Nottamun Town Return The Reckoning (Hubris)
Richard Thompson One Door Opens The Old Kit Bag (Cooking Vinyl)
Blue Murder Rubber Band No One Stands Alone (Topic)
Eliza Carthy Child Among the Weeds Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal Waterson (Topic)
Music Under Announcements
Eliza Carthy Stingo / The Stacking Reel Red/Rice (Topic)
Eliza Gilkyson When You Walk On Paradise Hotel (Red House)
Lui Collins Baptism of Fire Baptism of Fire (Green Linnet)
Carrie Newcomer The Only Way Through Is In The Point of Arrival (Available Light)
Wookiefoot You’re It! You’re It! (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Steve Tilston All in a Dream Distant Days (Riverboat)
Martha Tilston Staircase Machines of Love and Grace (Squiggly)
Mark Fry / The A. Lords Ruins of Stone I Lived in Trees (Second Language Music)
Emily Portman Fine Silica The Glamoury (Furrow)
New Set
Birch Book The Carnival Is Empty Fortune & Folly (Helmet Room)
Nick Drake Time of No Reply Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake (Hannibal)
Roy Harper Wishing Well The Green Man (Science Friction)
Wildlight Ours to Give The Tide (Acoustic) (Jumpsuit)
New Set
Richard Thompson She Sang Angels to Rest Sweet Warrior (Shout Factory)
Krista Detor Marietta Flat Earth Diary (Tightrope)
Eliza Gilkyson Roses for the End of Time Roses for the End of Time (Red House)
Krista Detor with Mary Dillon The Coming Winter Barely (Tightrope)
New Set
Robert Hunter Ariel Tiger Rose (Rykodisc)
Dan C. Holloway Ripple (faded under outro) (online)