Healing Muses Live; New and Recent Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 12, 2019
Hour 1: Healing Muses Live

  1. Shira Kammen, “Musa Venit Carmine / Walnut Hall,” Solace of Sound, 5:12 (self-produced)
  2. “A Rock and a Wi’ Pickle Jon”
  3. “Coilsfield House”
  4. “Morfa’r Frenhines”
  5. “Tourner à Trois / Ned of the Hill”
  6. “The Blood-Red Rose at Yule May Blaw”
  7. Shira Kammen, “An Dro Nevez,” Solace of Sound, 3:00 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 12, 2019
Hour 2: New and Recent Releases

First Set

Dàimh, “’S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan,” The Rough Bounds, 4:17 (self-produced)

Rachel Hair, “Black Hair’d Lad,” Sparks, 2:49 March Hair Records

Old Blind Dogs, “Earl O March’s Daughter,” Room with a View, 5:08 (self-produced)

Second Set

Barry Phillips, “Norm’s Jig,” Notebook, 2:41 Koustic Music

Sumaia Jackson, “Truth or Consequences,” Möbius Trip, 3:41 (self-produced)

The Small Glories, “Don’t Back Down,” Assiniboine and the Red, 4:01 Red House Records

Allison Lupton, “What Will I Dream,” Words of Love, 2:45 (self-produced)

Che Apalache, “The Wall,” Rearrange My Heart, 1:55 (self-produced)

Third Set

Dave Gunning, “Horse for Sale,” Up Against the Sky, 3:23 (self-produced)

David Francey, “Lonely Road,” The Broken Heart of Everything, 2:26 Laker Music

Chris Coole, “Lost River,” The Road to the River, 2:30 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Keb’ Mo’, “This Is My Home,” Oklahoma, 4:53 Concord Records

Milk Carton Kids, “I’ll Be Gone,” The Only Ones, 2:16 Thirty Tigers

Che Apalache, “The Dreamer,” Rearrange My Heart, 4:30 (self-produced)

Fifth Set

Tanya Tucker, “Mustang Ridge,” While I’m Livin’, 3:33 Fantasy

Ana Egge, “Cocaine Cowboys,” Is It the Kiss, 3:55 Storysound Records

Steve Earle, “Texas 1947,” Guy, 3:12 New West

Sixth Set

Steve Earle, “Old Friends,” Guy, 4:50 New West

Rosanne Cash, “I Still Miss Someone,” Country Music, 2:30 Legacy/Sony