San Francisco Free Folk Festival

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 1, 2019
Preview of the San Francisco Free Folk Festival

Aki Kumar & Jon Lawton Live

  1. “Don’t You Worry”
  2. “Let Bygones Be Bygones”
  3. “Bollywood Blues”
  4. “All Bark No Bite”
  5. “Bring It with You When You Come”

First Set

Aki Kumar, “Hindi Man Blues,” Hindi Man Blues, 4:29 Little Village Foundation

Brother Spellbinder, “Babel,” When the Earth Was Still Flat, 4:15 (self-produced)

Emma’s Revolution, “My Feet Are Tired,” Revolution Now, 3:21 (self-produced)

Yes M’am Live

  1. “We All Have Cheese in Common”
  2. “If I Had a Hammer”
  3. “We Shall Be Known” (MaMuse)
  4. “Wayfaring Stranger”
  5. “The Chain” (Ingrid Michaelson)

Second Set

Amelia Hogan, “Nead Na Lachan,” Transplants: From the Old World to the New, 2:38 (self-produced)

Noctambule, “A Sweetish Tune” (faded), A Sweetish Tune, 5:00 (self-produced)

Kray Van Kirk Live

  1. “The House about Kirk Michael”
  2. “Walk with Me”
  3. “Oh My Fathers”
  4. “I Am a Knight”


Kray Van Kirk, “The Midnight Commander”

A Patchwork Quilt

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Old Blind Dogs Nevertheless Room with a View (OBDmusic)
New Set
Linda Perhacs We Will Live Live at the Huichica Music Festival 2018 (Jam in the Van)
Ayla Nereo We Forgot The Code of the Flowers (Jumpsuit)
Rachel Bissex Colors of the Sun Don’t Look Down (Alcazar)
New Set
Birch Book Stray Summer Song A Hand Full of Days (Little Somebody)
Orka Forest Teppler Cuñaq single (online)
Shimshai & Susana Yanapuma Todo Brilla (s/p)
New Set
Josii Yakecan Abro Mis Alas Flor de la Selva (s/p)
Roy Shinar Adevvet Shel Aver (Ripples of Light) Live in Olam Katan (online)
New Set
Ayla Nereo Waterfall By the Light of the Dark Moon (Jumpsuit)
Rising Appalachia feat. Ani DiFranco Speak Out Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
Maria Moctezuma Jacinta* Revolución Folklórica (La Cupula Music)
New Set
Rising Appalachia Sassafras Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
Scott Ainslie Hammons’ Place Banjo Gathering (s/p)

*This news story in English and this video introduce the story of Jacinta Francisco and her friends.