Music for Earth Day

On April 20, 2019, we offered songs of other living beings, for this year’s Earth Day theme, “Protect Our Species.”

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kitty Macfarlane Starling Song; Namer of Clouds Namer of Clouds (Navigator)
Marian McLaughlin An Eagle Lake Accotink (Antidote)
New Set
Dougie MacLean Who Am I Who Am I (Dunkeld)
Alan Reid Iolair na Mara The Sunlit Eye (Temple)
Johnsmith The Medicine Ginkgo (Elixer)
Music Under Announcements
Douglas Quin and David Rothenberg Toothwalking Terra Nova: Music from Nature (MIT Press)
Seán Tyrrell Game Over The Orchard (Longwalk Music)
Gay and Terry Woods Empty Rooms Lake Songs from Red Waters (Hux)
Marian McLaughlin Modus Operandi Lake Accotink (Antidote)
Martha Tilston Survival Guide Machines of Love and Grace (Squiggly)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
W.S. Merwin On Foxes At Poets House (online)
Carolina Chocolate Drops Reynadine Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)
Crow Johnson Coyote with Whiskey on His Breath Painting Stories ’Cross the Sky (Zassafras)
New Set
W.S. Merwin Only a Forest Can Grow a Forest At Poets House (online)
Thai Elephant Orchestra Rainforest Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)
Marian McLaughlin Lined with Feathers Lake Accotink (Antidote)
Danit Treubig Oso Blanco (online)
Marian McLaughlin Mums & Marigolds Lake Accotink (Antidote)
(under back announcements) Greater Sage Grouse Strut Display (online)
New Set
Maddy Prior Ravenchild Ravenchild (Park)
Joanne Rand Rattlesnake Stories from the Inside Out (Homefire Productions)
Alice Di Micele If I Was a Wolf Too Controversial (Alice Otter Music)
Kimberly M’Carver Cryin’ Wolf Breathe the Moonlight (Philo)
Marian McLaughlin Citronella Ritual Lake Accotink (Antidote)
New Set
The Wyrd Sisters Warrior Inside the Dreaming (Wyrd)
Peg Millett Where There Is Fear There Is Power Clear Horizon (Hidden Waters Music)
Marca Cassity Enemy Deeper (s/p)
Trevor Hall Standing Rock (#waterislife)
Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai Raven Rendezvous; Pennyroyal Canyon (faded under outro) Inside Canyon de Chelly (Canyon)