St. Brigid’s Feast Day; Remembering Linda Waterfall

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 2, 2019
Hour 1: St. Brigid’s Feast Day

First Set

Myriam Carl Ayuna, “Gabhaim Molta Bride” (Celtic Hymn for Brigid) 3:12

Nóirín Ní Riain, “Ode to Bridget,” Celtic Soul, 3:30 Living Music Records

Ruth Barrett, “Invocation to Bridget,” The Year Is a Dancing Woman, vol. 1, 2:04 Aeolus Music

Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith, “Bridget,” The Heart Is the Only Nation, 3:32 Aeolus Music

Second Set

Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee, “Gabhaim Molta Bride” (We Sing a Song to Brigid), Imbolc, 4:18 (self-produced)

Avens O’Brien, “The Hymn to Bridget” 1:45

Beverly Frederick, “Welcome Bridget,” Reclaiming 1:50 (self-produced)

Third Set

Celia Farran, “Bridget’s Song” 3:02

Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith, “Hestia of the Hearth,” The Heart Is the Only Nation, 4:45 Aeolus Music

Fourth Set

Lisa Thiel, “Ostara,” Circle of the Seasons, 4:46 (self-produced)

Linda Waterfall, “Everything Looks Different,” Everything Looks Different, 5:39 Trout Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 2, 2019
Hour 2: Remembering Linda Waterfall

Linda Waterfall in-studio performance from 1995

  1. Linda Waterfall, “A Little Bit at a Time,” A Little Bit at a Time, 5:03 Flying Fish
  2. Linda Waterfall, “Run It Like a Business,” Body English, 3:18 Trout/Flying Fish Records
  3. “Love Out of Nowhere”
  4. “Climbing to the High Country”
  5. “Low Rider”
  6. Linda Waterfall, “Flying Time,” Flying Time, 4:08 Trout Records

Closing Set

Linda Waterfall, “It’s Getting Closer to Me,” Body English, 6:59 Trout Records

Linda Waterfall, “Drawing Down the Moon,” In the Presence of the Light, 4:53 Trout Records

Closing Song

Linda Waterfall with Scott Nygaard, “Song Like a Roar,” Everything Looks Different, 5:22 Trout Records