A Peter, Paul, and Mary Retrospective

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 19, 2019
A Peter, Paul & Mary Retrospective: Music & Conversation with Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey

  1. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Autumn to May,” Peter, Paul and Mary, 2:45 Warner Bros.
  2. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Lemon Tree,” Peter, Paul and Mary, 2:55 Warner Bros.
  3. Peter, Paul & Mary, “We Shall Overcome,” Peter, Paul and Mommy, Too, 4:04 Warner Bros.
  4. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Wasn’t That a Time,” A Song Will Rise, 2:22 Warner Bros.
  5. Peter, Paul & Mary, “If I Had a Hammer,” Peter, Paul and Mary, 2:09 Warner Bros.
  6. Pete Seeger & The Song Swappers, “Hold the Fort,” Talking Union and Other Union Songs, 2:26 Folkways Music
  7. Pete Seeger, “Well May the World Go,” If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle, 2:38 Smithsonian Folkways
  8. Pete Seeger, “Wimoweh,” Headlines & Footnotes, 2:16 Smithsonian Folkways
  9. Peter, Paul & Mary, “All Mixed Up,” Flowers and Stones, 3:54 Gold Castle/Warner Bros.
  10. Bob Dylan, “Talkin’ Bear Mountain Massacre Picnic Blues,” Talkin’ Bear Mountain Massacre Picnic Blues, 3:56 (bootleg)
  11. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Blowin’ in the Wind,” In the Wind, 2:56 Warner Bros.
  12. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech excerpt from the 1963 March on Washington
  13. Peter, Paul & Mary, “For the Love of It All,” Lifelines Live, 4:48 Warner Bros.
  14. Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm” 5:10 (live at 1965 Newport Folk Festival)
  15. Bob Dylan, “My Back Pages“ (live in concert—30th anniversary Madison Square Garden)
  16. Noel Paul Stookey, “Impeachable” 2:00 (live)
  17. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Too Much of Nothing,” Album 1700, 2:32 Warner Bros.
  18. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” Album 1700, 3:27 Warner Bros.
  19. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Power,” Such Is Love, 3:06 Warner Bros.
  20. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” Songs of Conscience & Concern, 3:12 Warner Bros.
  21. Peter, Paul & Mary, “The Kid,” Lifelines, 5:06 Warner Bros.
  22. Peter, Paul & Mary, “The Great Mandala,” Lifelines, 6:09 Warner Bros.
  23. Peter, Paul & Mary, “Day Is Done,” Peter, Paul and Mommy, 3:29 Warner Bros.