New and Recent Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 24, 2018
Hour 1: New and Recent Releases in Celtic Music

First Set

Childsplay, “Lara’s Jig / The Burning Snowball / Farewell to London,” The Bloom of Youth, 4:21 (self-produced)

Kittel & Co., “Pando,” Whorls, 5:27 Compass Records

Second Set

Charmas, “The Road to Hana,” Stark Raving Celtic, 3:18 (self-produced)

The Dogwatch Nautical Band, “Ramblin’ Sailor,” Like a Proper Deep Sea Rover, 2:15 (self-produced)

Daoirí Farrell, “Van Dieman’s Land,” True Born, 5:41

Aidan O’Rourke, “The Room Is in Darkness,” 365 Volume I, 3:05 Reveal Records

Midway Music

The Gloaming, “The Booley House,” Live at the NCH, 7:49 Realworld

Third Set

Tannahill Weavers, “Sunset over the Somme,” Orach, 2:59 Compass Records

Mark Knopfler, “Drover’s Road,” Down the Road Wherever, 5:04 Blue Note Records

Fourth Set

Noah Zacharin, “Over,” A Startle of Wings, 4:45 (self-produced)

John Gorka, “Tattooed,” True in Time, 3:40 Red House Records

Cary Morin, “Sometimes,” When I Rise, 2:10 (self-produced)

Richard Thompson, “Rattlin’ Bones,” 13 Rivers, 3:06 Concord

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 24, 2018
Hour 2: New and Recent Releases in American Roots and Folk

First Set

Rosanne Cash, “The Undiscovered Country,” She Remembers Everything, 5:20 Blue Note Recordings

Tim Bluhm, “Raining Gravel” (on forthcoming release out next year) 3:44

Second Set

Reggie Harris, “Been Down to the South,” Ready to Go, 3:01 (self-produced)

We Banjo 3, “Sugar House” and “War of Love,” Haven, 6:46 (self-produced)

Pharis & Jason Romero, “A Stitch in Time,” Sweet Old Religion, 3:50 Lula Records

Third Set

Rosanne Cash, “Everyone but Me,” She Remembers Everything, 3:36 Blue Note Records

Dom Flemons & Martin Simpson, “Too Long (I’ve Been Gone),” Proudly Present a Selection of Ever-Popular Favorites, 3:05 (self-produced)

The Roches, “The Married Men,” Where Do I Come From, 4:32 Storysound

Fourth Set

Eliza Gilkyson, “Dreamtime,” Secularia, 3:57 Red House Records

Bokanté & Metropole Orkest, “Le An Gade-w En Zye,” What Heat, 5:43 Realworld

Steve Tibbetts, “Bloodwork,” Life Of, 1:33 ECM

Fifth Set

Kitka, “D-oi Roaga,” Evening Star, 2:29 (self-produced)

Joan Jeanrenaud & PC Muñoz, “33 1/3,” Pop Pop, 4:32 (self-produced)