Scottish Games; Labor Day

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1, 2018
Hour 1: Scottish Games

Interview with Kirsty Fitch (20:00)
(rebroadcast from September 4, 2010)

  1. “Milking Song”
  2. “Churning Song”
  3. “Rowing Song”
  4. “Waulking Song”
  5. “Dance Music / Puirt a Beul”
  6. “Waulking Song”

Julie Fowlis, “Oganaich Uir a Rinn M’Fhageil,” As My Heart Is, 2:40 Cadiz Music

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, “Hoireann O Rathill iu o,” Seinn, 4:26 (self-produced)

Scottish Games Audio Collage (13:30)
(rebroadcast from September 2015)

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, “Highlander’s Farewell to Ireland / Farewell to Ireland / O’er the Water to Charlie / Highlander’s Farewell,” Highlander’s Farewell, 7:34 Culburnie

Relativity, “Ghile Mear,” Gaelic Voices, 4:14 Green Linnet Records

Ed Miller, “A Man’s a Man,” Generations of Change, 3:50 Wellfield Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1, 2018
Hour 2: Labor Day

First Set

Tempest, “Old Man at the Mill,” Shapeshifter, 3:39 Magna Carta

Billy Bragg, “NWPA,” Half English, 5:29 Yep Roc Records

Rod MacDonald, “The Last American Worker,” Songs from Sing Out, 4:56 Sing Out! Recordings

Jody Stecher, “Weasels and Snakes,” Wonders and Signs, 3:45 (self-produced)

Second Set

Dave Gunning, “A Tractor,” Lift, 3:13 (self-produced)

Chuck Brodsky, “Acre by Acre,” A Fingerpainter’s Mural, 3:47 Waterbug

Irene Kelly, “Pennsylvania Coal,” Pennsylvania Coal, 3:35 Patio Records

Ian Robb, “Big Hewer,” From Different Angels, 3:15 Fallen Angel Music

Windborne, “Song of the Lower Classes,” Song on the Times, 3:55 (self-produced)

Third Set

Jody Stecher, “Long Time A’Comin’,” Wonders and Signs, 3:37 (self-produced)

Barbara Dane, “I Hate the Capitalist System,” I Hate the Capitalist System, 3:10 Dreadnaught Music

Dave Gunning, “I Robbed the Company Store,” Lift, 3:45 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Allan Carr & Jane Rothfield, “Six o’Clock,” Atlantic Bridge, 3:02 Green Linnet Records

Sarah McQuaid, “The Sun Goes On Rising,” The Plum Tree and the Rose, 4:14 Waterbug


Mark Erelli, “Look Up,” For a Song, 4:39 (self-produced)